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Student Elections in Nepal University: How Free Are Free Stduents’ Unions

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By Divas

Nepal’s elected body of Free Students’ Union was established in 1979 after a nationwide students’ protests against the then royal regime called Panchayat System. I don’t know how the student bodies in other countries work, but from what i learn from the news i think Nepal’s as well as Bangladesh & Pakistan's student unions function the same way. Well, my guess is based on the violence reports that come during the campus elections in Nepal, Bangladesh, & Pakistan. The Bahun student chiefs of Nepal have already warned their rivals of not only beating in the polls, but also of breaking each other’s backbones.

The phrase ‘Free Students Union’ itself is a misnomer, since although they call themselves the Students’ Union, all contesting groups in fact are student wings of the major political parties – hence they work more in the interest of their mother parties than for the academic needs of students. The two major political streams of students unions, the Nepal Stduents’ Union (NSU) affiliated to the Nepali Congress party and the various factions of left wings All Nepal National Free Stduents’ Union(ANNFSU) worked against the King’s Rule until a Multi-Party democracy was established in 1990. Since then the NSU & the United Marxist-Leninist (UML) affiliated ANNFSU have been contending against each other bitterly until the last election held in 2006.

If you’d ask me why the left wing student union ANNFSU dominated its rival NSU in all past elections, I’d ask you to compare the NSU and the ANNFSU Websites. When the NSU website unfolded before my eyes, the first thing l noticed was the jolly picture of their grandfather Girija Prasad Koirala. Suddenly I was happy that I did not vote for any NSU candidate in the last election. And if you’d compare the photo galleries of NSU and ANNFSU websites, you’ll suddenly realize why most students chose the ANNFSU in past elections. However, there’s a dilemma this time – there are new kids in the Campuses – the Maoist Party affiliated Revolutionary Union.

However, it seems that ethnic issues would be most influential in determining the outcome of this year’s student elections which is slated for 20th of March. The student bodies of an ethnic group Limbu in the eastern mountains, the Limbuwan Students’ Council (LSC) have vandalized the Panchthar Multiple Campus and forced to put off the election until next notice. The Limbu students demand for a proportional election system in their stronghold areas covering nine districts. Even if the elections are held in other campuses, I’m sure that the only basis for choosing the representatives this time would be the cultural & ethnic one. The Madhesi students in Terai would choose Madhesi candidates, Newars in Kathmandu would choose Newar candidates, and so on.

As for me, i hate breaking any bone, and i’d boycott the NSU, Brahmin & Chhetri, & the bone-breakers and choose among the rest.

UPDATE on March 19: I’m boycotting this year’s student election to protest the continued violence and even more politicization in the campuses. However, I’m aware that someone from the contesting student groups would vote for me – hey losers, if you suspect poll-rigging and are demanding for re-polling, check the voters’ list to make sure if a voter with my name has voted or not – if you find that I’ve cast my vote then be sure that your rivals were more clever this time. For, i’ll be absent in this year’s campus election.


  1. चुनाव ले पनि तहल्कै मच्चाउँछ । पढ्ने ठाउँमा गरिने निर्वाचन त अलि स्तरिय हुनु पर्ने हो । तर कुनै पनि युनियनहरु स्वतन्त्र छैनन्, सबै पार्टि का पछि, अनि त्यसैले झडप !

  2. चुनाव त स्वतन्त्र हुनुपर्थ्यो तर दुर्भाग्य वस हुनसकेने दु:खको कुरा यती Educated भएर पनि !!

  3. [...] to champion student's interest, there are those question the benefit of the exercise. Divas, a student, says: “The phrase ‘Free Students Union’ itself is a misnomer, since although [...]

  4. [...] to champion student’s interest, there are those question the benefit of the exercise. Divas, a student, [...]

  5. Nepalese students are the most voilent and frustrated in the world. There is no example of students burning their own libraries, destrying their classrooms and furniture and lock their teachers, lecturers and professors and lock colleges and universities. Students union supposed to look after student services and protect students' right but not to destroy students' right to study. Good luck to Nepali students.

  6. Darda Gregurev Says:
    mei 29, 2008 at 8:11 am May 29, 2008 at 8:11 am
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    I hope this helps. Stay vigilant and know you are supported here by all of us.

    Darda Gregurev Says:

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  8. Most of the above comment was left at a blog concerning CYBERSTALKING. Serial pest RANJIT SHAMSHER JUNG BAHADUR RANA of Adelaide, South Australia, crawls the net constantly looking for information on his stable of victims. He copied the copied, and as a FAKE Nina Gregurev entered a few words above the comment. NINA GREGUREV NEVER USES THE INTERNET DUE TO STALKER AND CYBERSTALKER RANJIT RANA. She does not wish to spoil even one day of her life paying heed to ANYTHING THIS CREEP WRITES. Nina Gregurev also has A RESTRAINING ORDER issued by the South Australian Police early 2008, a matter Ranjit Rana took to the SUPREME COURT, and LOST. The Restraining Order remains in place but Rana ignores the terms which include NO CONTACT WITH NINA GREGUREV THROUGH THIRD PARTIES EITHER. One can only be lawful for so long with a stalker like Rana - why is this person still alive? Nina is certainly not the only person he harasses. RANJIT RANA IS A COWARD, A LIAR, AND A PERPETUAL PAIN TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE. Come on, girls of Nepal - do your duty by one who constantly tells the world he belongs among the former rulers of Nepal.

  9. Another long and boring "comment" by Ranjit Rana, trying to prove he is sane.

    Why then did he this last weekend send an email in someone else's name to the Security Staff at Adelaide University about labourers in the library molesting someone? Perhaps he was unhappy they did not "molest" or at least accost him!

    People are so tired of this little man. You know, around here (Adelaide University) one just has to mention the name RANA and people go "Oh #@$%@#$%$#@!!! Man, is this guy HATED! by EVERYONE!

  10. Gautam Rana like hi cous, how ru? now i'm getting my ktm. withdrawl symptoms... coming back on 1st. though most all here r telling me that 'wrong time' the maoist's r going 2 go amock over the army chief within this month... like AMOCK! but i guess bad times r the times 2 b home 2 protect ur kith & kin... more soon but deqar BAD days ahead.Thu 5:58pm · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)
    You like this.
    Shamsher Jung Bahadur at 7:47am May 1
    Rumours around Major General Gaurav going to be another benevolent dictator of Nepal. may be he want's to ape Coconut Commander Banirama of Fiji. Nepal Army are frightened that if Major General Gaurav prevails then the international community will cut off Nepalese Army from further peace keeping missions. For example, what has occurred to Fiji and ... Read Morethey may need to go back in Cowdi sea shell and coconut economy. What of Nepal under another Chandra Bharati hybrid clan? My late father had assisted Gaurav pass Army entrance exam as he could barely read and write Nepalese apart from English and pigin Hindi? I am so glad the emancipation and enlightenment of times has come and the days of the last Himalayan Oracles I explained and predicted have finally been a reality.

    Jai Nepal and Jai Gurkha!

  11. rightly said abc ; as is usual, all elections in all countries in our sub-continent, are finally reduced to the level of political parties and casteism. the only example that comes near reality is that of the assam students who managed to create a separate identity for a long time..........
    as in india, as long as you keep differentiating between various factions that have no relation to QUALITY - of man or party or caste or creed or religion - till then u r doomed to the same fate as we are - in india.

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  13. RANJIT Shamsher Jung Bahadur RANA at 7:47am May 1, Adelaide. Stalker and Cyberstalker, wrote a load of crap as usual, but the interesting bit is the following DELUSION of grandeur:-


    "I am so glad the emancipation and enlightenment of times has come and the days of the last Himalayan Oracles I explained and predicted have finally been a reality."


    Duh! Now this w-nk-r of a cyberstalker who hunts tall blonde women and little children (looking for suicide by enraged relatives) SEES HIMSELF AS A HIMALAYAN PROPHET. It won't be long before he too takes to the "forest" and pretends NEVER to eat or drink (except of course, in the dark and in private). This guy is a TOTAL NUTTER, everyone. There are a lot of Rana's in cyberspace - they spawned like frogs, obviously - but this particular one is a danger to society. He really should go back to Nepal - I am sure they know HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A RANA IN NEPAL!! The lazy coward won't move from Hackney, Adelaide, South Australia, he prefers to be a drain on Australian society and a pimple on the landscape. Don't tolerate this w-nk-r on your website. He is a sorry excuse for a man.

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    This morning, His Honour Justice Gray delivered judgment refusing Mr Rana's appeal against the Magistrate's order refusing permission to apply to revoke the restraining order issued in relation to your daughter.

    The judgment will be available on the internet shortly.

    Neither your presence, nor your daughter's was required at Court.

    I hope this clarifies the situation.

    Kind regards

    > Lisa Ziegler
    > Associate to the Honourable Justice Gray
    > Supreme Court of South Australia


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  19.>June 13, 2009 at 11:54 PM

    Blondie and post graduate student and how many years to graduate in Lithium?

  20. Dear patient Reader,

    My comments about Rana may at this time look a bit over the top, but each was in reply to a REALLY malicious comment by Ranjit Rana, usually about my daughter Nina.
    Thankfully the moderator has removed some of his worst comments at this time, but don't hold your breath, the little man will be back as he is obsessed and unfortunately for the rest of us, he suffers from a major personality disorder, which are practically untreatable, especially when the subject has no insight into his own behaviour and character.

  21. Dear patient Reader,

    My comments about Rana may at this time look a bit over the top, but each was in reply to a REALLY malicious comment by Ranjit Rana.

    Thankfully the moderator has removed some of his worst comments at this time.

    Thank you moderator

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  23. Ghosts of Majagorde madonnaJune 25, 2009 at 7:44 PM

    NYC benefit program for project to restore an old architectural gem of Nepal
    Indo-Asian News Service

    By Jyotirmoy Datta The Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) organized a reception and exhibition at Plum Blossoms Gallery in Chelsea in Manhattan on April 1 to benefit the restoration of Yetkha Agam, a private Buddhist shrine that is actively worshipped and that preserves the oldest surviving facade in Kathmandu valley.

    Erich G. Theophile, executive director of KVPT, told News India-Times that they hoped to raise $20,000 from the benefit for the project which is estimated to cost $33,000 or so.

    Over the last ten years, KVPT has rescued over a dozen significant monuments, --- including such 17th century shrines as the Radha Krishna temple, the Patukva Agache, and the Lakhe Agache, the 18th century Kulihma Narayan, and the 19th century Kwalkhu Pati.

    Just as or even more important than the restoration of the physical elements of buildings, Theophile said, was the way the Trust’s work had stimulated local interest in preservation and restoration. Unesco was citing the KVPT experiment as a model for attempts to preserve the heritage of threatened sites throughout the world.

    “In Kathmandu, we found ancient crafts still alive, with young artisans tempted to abandon oc-cupations no longer socially or economically rew-arding, for, say, a job in the archeological department,” Theophile told News India-Times. “More than introducing expertise or money, KVPT introduced an element of awareness of the priceless value of what the Nepalese had with them.”

    So that, there was now a group of the Kathmandu elite which has taken up preservation of the unique architecture of the Kathmandu Valley as its own cause. Among the major supporters of KVPT are members of the prominent Shah and the Rana families, as also the citizenry represented by the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation and Lalitpur Municipality.

    In fact the biggest gift has to KVPT has come from Prabhakar S.J.B. Rana, Chairman Emeritus of The Soaltee Group, founded by the uncle of the present king, who rallied other corporations for a total pledge of $150,000.

    Among the benefit co-chairs was Maya Rana Tufo, daughter of S.J.B. Rana, and Maura Moynihan, daughter of former New York Senator and Amba

  24. Another self-praising paean for the Rana tribe -unfortunately for them of course this must a very much outdated article. "The uncle of the present king"??
    Maoism may have their own dictatorial ruler but I think they have never yet called themselves 'king', duh.

    The ghost of the majagorde madonna - really Ranjit Rana - you are now not sure what sex you are supposed to be?

    And why don't you simply sign your comments? Who are you hiding from?

  25. Menu Takia Says:

    June 18, 2009 at 12:48 pm
    Ranjit Rana
    Tag This Photo
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    Make Profile PictureAdded June 12 · Comment · LikeUnlike
    You like this.
    Manisha Koirala at 1:33pm June 13
    i met the daughter in dorchestor hotel in london few yrs back,,,i m sooooo happy some one is doing some thing to preserve old look into old palleces too…ur daughter is so beautifull!!! convay my hello to her..i so wanted to open film school n do film festival in nepal…pl do let me know how ur project gose..u ll be doing such a wonderfull thing !!! i m happy.. Shamsher Jung Bahadur at 10:24am June 14
    My sorrow for the passing of Sailaja Acharya, who was my late mum’s good friend in Nepalese literature.

    You can open one you know one Film Studies Institute. If you are interested I will talk with Scott Hicks from my Flinders University. He has made name in Hollywood, and is keen in Buddhism. I have great mates in Film Studies and about Nepal.

    I am on my way to Nigeria to study Nollywood and to have free voice. I like theirs’ low budget and arty films…. Read More

    I am happy you met my daughter. She is a psychologist and social worker now.

    You can send me email about future film projects at rran

    So much for now.


    Ranjit Rana Manisha Koirala at 3:58pm June 14
    i would totally be interesed to meet any one who would be excited to open film school in nepal!!! if you really realy can then pl do..thanks m.k


  26. Rana harassing a model of Fox by the name Pat D, who is a marketing coordinator at Fox and student at University of South Australia. He was banned.


    Hi Shamsher,

    Facebook aspires to be an environment where people can interact safely with their friends and people they know. Accordingly, we expect accounts to reflect mainly your "real-world contacts," as one of Facebook's main priorities is the comfort and safety of our users.

    It is a violation of Facebook's Terms of Use to harass others on the site, whether through unsolicited messages, friend requests, pokes or other features. We do not endorse contacting strangers, which may be considered annoying or abusive. Finally, sending threatening, sexually explicit, or harassing messages is strictly prohibited.

    Unfortunately, for technical and security reasons, we are unable to provide further details regarding your warning. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, please refrain from sending messages of this kind. For more information on conduct prohibited by Facebook, please read our Terms of Use, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Terms" link at the bottom of any Facebook page.

    Please keep in mind that if your account is disabled again, we will not be able to reactivate it and you will permanently lose access to it. If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center at the following address:

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    User Operations

    -----Original Message to Facebook-----
    From: ranjitrana (
    To: (
    Subject: I was at hospital with diabetes

    My name is Shamsher Jung Bahadur, my password was stx109 and I had entered the current email account as

    I have not used facebook for ten days, as I was in hospital and it was hacked by persons unknown to me in the internet cafe that I go to.

    I think there has been a mistake and I can provide such police report to you in terms of activation of my accout.


    Shamsher Jung Bahadur

    Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana
    -----End Original Message to Facebook-----

  27. The above comment thanking paramedics was left by me at a fairly obscure site which only someone as obsessed as RANJIT SHAMSHER JUNG BAHADUR RANA of Adelaide South Australia, would bother to search for on the internet. This w-nk-r has nothing better to do than to make vile comments without any sense or regard for any human decency. He is incapable of decency, humane feeling or behaviour as he lacks civilized morality and is mentally ill (but not in the way that he wants the court system to believe). By the way, his daughter is not a psychologist/social worker and appears to have only graduated from a simple undergraduate degree. Ranjit Rana himself pretends to levels of education way beyond his reach - but then he is an inveterate liar with a major social profile problem. He is HATED everywhere and especially in Adelaide and at Deakin University!!! My daughter Nina Gregurev has a RESTRAINING ORDER against this nonentity - but it seems he does not think the law applies to him. I guess a lot of people in Adelaide are waiting for someone lawless to get fed up with Ranjit Rana. I believe it happens in small measures already - he gets bashed up and is a very scared little rat. But we expect more than that one of these days - and when the Homicide squad take a look at his case it will be a crime where the personality of the victim is of the utmost importance. A typical compulsive/obsessive with paranoid ideation. By the way, did you notice the recent article by Professor Goldney in The Advertiser. Very smart man, Professor Goldney - and not easily fooled by self-important racist little men.

  28. Hello darling Ranjit,

    Thank you for your very kind words, I feel I do not deserve them! I am just like any other girl :)

    I am actually studying at uni now, so I am not really pursuing acting anymore, but I wish you all the best for your short film endeavours!


    PS: I like U to market the film 2:27 the role I played about a Bulimic girl at uni (actual story u supplied on ur ex Ina Gregu).

  29. Ranjit Rana - again!! - sending emails to himself as if from some woman or other. Women avoid Rana like the plague. Film endeavours - huh - like everything else - a dream without power to make it reality. By the way Rana NEVER had an EX called Ina Gregu or NINA GREGUREV - she has a restraining order against Ranjit Rana - has never had anything whatsoever to do with him, definitely NEVER had any form of relationship with Rana - and has never been bulimic! Idiot.

  30. Surely you do not think anyone will read all of the above gobbledegook if they are not getting paid to deal with it? The matters posted by Ranjit Rana concerning his usual compensation fights - this one with the defence force - is not suitable commentary on this website. Why is there no one in charge of this website, weeding out Ranjit Rana's rubbish?

    And Rana, your daughter Maya Rana gave you good advice when she told you to stop harassing and cyberstalker her. She said: stop posting your history on the web - no one is interested! Listen to your little girl, you silly man.

  31. Aneroxa nervousa and Bilimic mum and carazy luny

  32. Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana became BANKRUPT on 13 August 2008. AND Ranjit Rana goes around yapping that I want to get money out of HIM??? Duh. Of course BANKRUPTCY does not stop Rana from continuing to TRY AND SUE people for loads of $$$ with made-up complaints that NEVER stand up in ANY court. Give it up, w-nk-r you definitely are a cr-zy luny.

  33. Hi there!

    I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. So Hi!



  35. How they can free if they fight within the same group in the same teritory.

  36. How they can be free if they fight within the same group in the same territory?

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