Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nose Based Leadership Change in Nepal: Replace all Brahmin Leaders

Nose Size Matters in Nepal Politics: They're Bahun & That Corrupt is also Bahun
By Divas

If you’d go through Nepal’s popular dailies including those I scrutinize everyday - the Kantipur, The Himalayan Times & The Kathmandu Post, and make a racist evaluation of the contributors, you’ll find that more than 80 percent of the authors there belong to Brahmin caste. Not only the authors and editors, most of the letter to editor writers are also Bahun. Scan the profiles of all high level government officials, the same statistics holds true there too. Bahuns consider the field of academics and scholarship as their innate profession. The same is true in politics – even the tirades against Bahunbad (Brahmanism) in politics have now become clichés. Many point at the irony that Bahuns hold the key posts even in the Maoist party which led the movement against Bahunbad in Nepal.

The Bahun halimuhali (hegemony) in Nepali life is sickening. I’m increasingly getting intolerant of Bahun leadership in everything in Nepal. To tell you the truth, I hardly read any article written by Nakchuchche (pointed nose) Bahun or Chetri caste – except if it’s by a Bahun physician writing on some health related issue. I do not even watch television these days fearing I might have to see the Bahun or Chetri faces of political leaders. So much so that, I even judge a roadside restaurant by its owner – I don’t want to eat anything from an arrogant Bahun or Chetri with pathetic culinary sense.

Some concrete reasons behind my Bahunallergy (Bahun Allergy). The election fever is getting its hold on the students of Nepal’s largest public university, the Tribuvan University (TU). Lekhanath Neupane who is a Bahun and also the leader of Maoist affiliate student union issued a warning a few days ago that they’d break the backbones of anyone opposing them like they did before. Bahun Lekhnath was countered by another Bahun Pradip Poudel of Congress affiliated student union who said that they’d also break the bones of anyone attacking them.

Instead of showing some examples of good governance by controlling corruption in politics & bureaucracy, the Bahun Prime Minister of Nepal Prachanda, Bahun Finance Minister Baburam, and Bahun leaders of Maoist Party CP Gajurel, and Dinanath have been warning of revolt unless they’re not allowed to govern. On the other hand, the Bahun Kangessi opposition leaders of the like of Shushil Koirala and Govinda Raj have begun counting the days for the downfall of the government. And please, don’t even mention the Bahun names like Jhalanath Khanal and KP Oli. Power seems to corrupt the Bahun more than others. The chics & bellies of Bahun swell very fast once they begin enjoying state coffers.

My argument is that the Bahuns & Chetris should voluntarily hand over the leadership to the people of other castes & races – that’s what Gyanedra’s retirement from monarchy symbolizes. The air is simply not in favor of Nakchuchche in Nepal these days. Go abroad, do some business, become professionals but please don’t show your names and faces on televisions and newspapers.

And if you’re choosing your leaders, whether in the upcoming student election, or in the Nepali Congress & UML Conventions, or in the local bodies, don’t believe in their official policies, for no one makes bad policies, look at their nose, and vote for a non-Nakchuche, or a Madisey.

Incidentally, I myself happen to be a Nakchuche…but do read this crap anyway … Boorchodikey :D


  1. I would have to seriously disagree with you on this issue.

    You're picking out bad people who happen to be Bahuns and then making an inference that does not hold enough ground. What about Ganesh Man Pun, or something who is the leader of YCL? He also makes statements that Lekhnath Poudel makes, but is it because he is a Bahun? No.

    Also, I think these rich, filthy Bahuns have made Bahuns from a weak economic background get disadvantaged in every sector in New Nepal.

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  3. DANIEL WILLIAM SULLIVANFebruary 7, 2009 at 6:22 AM

    The only hope to hold the nation together is to restore the Monarcy. It would have to be a different King of course and it would have to be politically powerless but used as a national symbol of the multi cultural environment. The past king should be exiled if he is still living in Nepa.

  4. @da vinci
    hey da vinci, i may have generalized a few ‘wrong’ people…but unless nakchuche(pointed nose Brahmins & Chetris) do not voluntarily handover leadership to janajatis & madiseys, we’ll be seeing more violence in the coming days….
    Moreover, the reason why I think Bahun leaders feel compelled to speak violently lies in their sattalipsa ( greed for power) to always remain in the limelight…so they need to seem revolutionary by inciting hatred…
    & mind u, satta does not refer to only govt ministerial post, but also party, and other institutional leadership.

    hey Daniel, reinstating the King, or choosing another one is improbable at the moment…personally i believe the Nepali version of Oliver Cromwells should be given their share of ten years…my main argument is that non-bramhins should be given the key posts now…in all parties & organizations

  5. I am also a NAKCHUCHCHE and liked this article :)

  6. ...totally misleading article....

    बाबु बराजेले खिर खाका थिए भनेर नातिलाई कोदो खुवाउन मिलेन नि

    We should take steps to equalize all ,not down one fully to the bottom....

    And i know u r a blogger..u can write what u feel but at least try to neutralize a little in ur article...Have u ever thought what could be the impact of it ???? These kind of article may cause some kind of conflict in Cast Unity...

    खै.. चित्त नै बुझेन abc जी यो article पढेर...यस्तो बिषम परिस्थितिमा हाम्रो article ले अनेकतामा एकतालाई अझ दर्‍हो बनाउनु पर्नेमा झन् खाडल पार्दै छ...

    Where are we going ???? article फुर्‍यो भन्दैमा बिखन्डन ल्याउने article लेख्न त भएन नि

    Yes, Other casts should give chances to lift up but it doesn't mean that Brahmins should be vanished from all the sectors....

  7. 8 | abc
    February 11th, 2009 at 6:46 am | edit

    @da vinci
    hey da vinci, i may have generalized a few ‘wrong’ people…but unless nakchuche(pointed nose Brahmins & Chetris) do not voluntarily handover leadership to janajatis & madiseys, we’ll be seeing more violence in the coming days….
    Moreover, the reason why I think Bahun leaders feel compelled to speak violently lies in their sattalipsa ( greed for power) to always remain in the limelight…so they need to seem revolutionary by inciting hatred…
    & mind u, satta does not refer to only govt ministerial post, but also party, and other institutional leadership.

    hey Daniel, reinstating the King, or choosing another one is improbable at the moment…personally i believe the Nepali version of Oliver Cromwells should be given their share of ten years…my main argument is that non-bramhins should be given the key posts now…in all parties & organizations

    @basanta, thanks man…it’s not only u & i, ’ve found that a many nakchuches agree with us…after all who was the celebrated Dor Baradur of Fatalism & Development fame?

    da vinci’s second point is also noteworthy that the corrupt nakchuches have overshadowed the miseries of genuine nakchuches….

    @ Amit: Thanx man…really enjoyed your comment…It’d been long that no one had scolded really , & i was feeling rather pampered by only getting tale but no galee…:D

    i understand that u r worried for what they say “reverse discrimination”, & your concern is not unjustifiable…the janajatis & madisey leaders as well as people at large should be careful on that…But don’t you think these a few privileged & corrupt Bramhins should give way to others for building a New Nepal?

  8. article त चित्त बुझेन बुझेन झन् मेरो unsatisfaction र disgreement लाई scold को रुपमा हेरिएकोमा .....खै के भन्ने ????

    Sorry Diva ji, I wasn't scolding u ...just saying i disagreed with this article ....

  9. please amit jee. i meant the same....i really enjoy when someone differs with my views…a conversation is possible only when someone differs. And the beauty of blogging is that you get to converse with people. Thanks really fr disagreeing. Believe me, I enjoyed it. ;)

  10. Divas,

    I have a couple of comments to make.
    Your article is racist but I cannot disagree with any of its statements or the theme that Bahuns are holding too much power and that it should be distributed to others as well. But, your comment, "unless nakchuche(pointed nose Brahmins & Chhetris) do not voluntarily handover leadership to janajatis & madiseys," surprised me. It's understandable that you have ‘bahun allergy’ but are you allergic to madhesis too? Notice the use of madhesis compared to your way of saying 'madiseys'. Is there even a word such as what you said? I guess it's a way of saying madhesis in a rather humiliating tone which is not good sign again since you seem to be sympathetic with madhesis and other marginalized groups.
    Is this another example of hypocrisy? Appearing to support madhesis and humiliating them at the same time?

  11. Dear Madhesi friend,

    i’m really grateful to you for making a relevant comment. i’m also sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way.

    Dear friend, I’m very much aware that the terai people feel offended when called a Madisey…& in fact, in all my writings, except the last three, I’ve used the word Madhesis. And I was expecting an objection like yours…thanks fr making it anyway.

    Regarding your query how I feel toward the Madhesis, plz read my post titled “Virus Killers in Madhesi Politics of Nepal” But, plz do not think that I’m “sympathizing” or “against” any group as a whole, please read my disgust for all chutiya politicians, from Pahadiya to Madiseys in “Prez Rambaran and Chutiya Politician of Nepal”.

    Personally, i don’t believe i’m a racist in any way. i believe that human sufferings and yearnings are the same everywhere. But I may be a racist unknowingly, for these days i increasingly find myself agreeing with Dr. Arun Gupto’s one statement that: “everyone speaks from his/her position”

    My aim is only to discover things. For example, you agree with my view against Bramhin hegemony in Nepal. But, if you call yourself a Madhesi, what’r your views on caste based Madhesi society? What’ s your opinion on inhuman dowry system among Madhesis? Remember, i won’t believe u if u claim your morality by only condemning wrong practises , i’ll believe you only if u’ll show an example thru your own life.

    Are u married? Did u take dowry or not? Are you going to marry? Will you dare to go against the dowry system? You call urself a Madhesi…but where do u put yourself among madhesis – Bramhin, Rajput, Sudi, Teli, Guhar, Dom, Dusad? Moreover, what’s ur religion, Hindu or Muslim? I guess, u r a Hindu, then hw much equality r you ready to give to the Muslims? And if u r a male, don’t u think that u too r responsible for Uma Sigh’s brutal murder by a mob of men?

    i’ve no objection to calling you a Madhesi in front of you…if that make u happy…and in fact, i do that exactly and i’m even willing to allow Madhesis a separate state if that contributes toward peace & prosperity among the people… i know such statements would gather criticism from other sides… from deshbhaktas…..

    But People call you Madisey when you’re not around, just like u call them Pahadiya or Katha, when they’re not around. Newars call others Khey…others call newars jyapu, Aryans call Mongols Bhote, Chimse, …and Mongols call Aryans Nakchuche…bahuns feel humiliated when everyone calls them baje, and tapare…every language has slang words for referring to “other’ people…and who r others? Our definition of the “Other” keeps changing, and depends our personal bias.

    i think, one part of accommodation among cultures in to respect others, and another part is to accept yourself as others see you…

    dear friend, its time fr load shedding again…kindly respond whenever you feel it. I think internet is the most suitable medium for talking on “taboo” subjects…coz our communication remains limited to verbal interpretations…

  12. Divas,
    I appreciate your genuine acknowledgement that you knew what you were writing.

    I did read your article about Virus Killers and realized how brave and rational a decision they had made. It might make more sense to talk through some private channels instead of this public one to answer your lots f queries. But I can see what the gist of your queries is. I can see what you are hammering at. Divas, I am unmarried young guy and yeah I am a Hindu, you were right. As for my caste, I can't care less. Identity is something that I have been thinking lately.

    If you ask me what the root of all problems in the world or in Nepal is, then my answer would be one and straightforward-identity. This is the single reason why the world is facing all kinds of inequalities, violence and suffering.

    You asked me for my views on caste based Madhesi society. I think it will bring further instability and sow the seed for perpetual violence. Nepal will become the ground for ethnic rivalries and conflicts, and seasonal violence and confrontation among Madhesis, Pahadis, Tharus, Kiratis and others will be viewed similar to ethnic conflicts between Hindu and Muslim extremists in India. I might be exaggerating a little at this time but ethnicity can cause unprecedented damage and pretty quickly.

    Dowry practice is another practice that I absolutely disapprove of. We are still living in those old times. As long as dowry practice will continue to foster and occupy Madhesi hearts, the discrimination against women will continue. I only wish it were in my capacity to do something. Making something illegal does not simply prevent it. I just don’t know where it will lead us. One thing is certain, it will prevent Madhesis from marrying the woman of his dreams or the man of her dreams. Isn’t this the single reason why there are very very very few love marriages among Madhesis, if any as compared among people of hill origin (Pahadis)?

    Divas, I am as concerned as you about the sociopolitical and socioeconomic situation of Nepal. But I still have lots of years to study this situation before I might be able to assess and do something on a meaningful scale. Till then, all we can do is-blog and blog and blog.

  13. Dear abc,
    I read ur post and all the comments. In fact I'm also a nakchuchhe, born in Tarai part of Nepal.
    I'm convinced with you that we sould fight against "brahminbaad" in all it's form. I know there are "brahmins" among madhesis, there are "brahmins" among "jana jatis" and also there are "Brahmins" among "Dalits." We should not forget this fact.
    This "anti-bahunbaad" should not be only against naakchuchhes. I'm afraid that this anti-bahunbaad may lead us to anti-Jews formula of Hitler. problem is not naakchuchhes but the "Brahminbaad", which exist in many forms in Nepal.

  14. hey divas,
    generalised though your comments and the perspective you show in this article may be (but i have to agree mostly true), i for myself have to say that i vastly enjoyed it.....and.... i'm pretty sure my being a 'non-nakchuche' has nothing to do with it!!!

  15. Dear Nakchuchche Kishor and Non-nakchuche friends, Thanks for ur interesting remarks… plz note that I’m not encouraging anyone to fight against a certain group or ethnicity…yea i agree with kishor that Bramhin attitude is in all groups… Still I’d persuade Bramhins to adopt other professions than politics, like Kishor says he’s a man of “few words” and like to show “What he sees” through the camera lense…

    I’m not even saying that it’s wrong for Bramhins to be in the politics…i wish Nakchuches allowed leadership to the people of other ethnicity…voluntarily…

    @ dear nakchuche_not,
    sure….ur being a non nakchuche has nothing to do with enjoying this post…even in the comments here there are many Nakchuches themselves who wish Bahun leaders to give way to others…perhaps, bahuns make good doctors, teachers, and professions related to using language skills…

    but perhaps Bahun leaders feel 2 old 2 change their profession…or habit….i’ve researched many road side eateries n found that bahuns really don’t know hw to make a food meetho(tasty). That’s why these days i eat from a jyapu’s place…sandheko aalu, chana, chiura….and aloo, mula, sano kerauko achar…yum yum ;)

  16. This guy who wrote the article is brainwashed, thug I have ever seen. The question is not that BAHUN rule every where. It is rather what gives them the power to rule. Or what qualifies them to lead. Of course, study.

    At a time a son of BAHUN joins college and enjoys his daily meal with GUNDRUK AND DHINDO the kids of other groups go for RASRANG. While some focus on their body--its shape, size, color, contours (gurung kids for eg.).

    SO the point is all must have the desire to knowledge that comes from study. Hence, all must be as serious as BRAHMIN ARE IN STUDY. WHICH CONSEQUENTLY WILL GIVE THME POWER TO LEAD.

  17. No doubt, Girija,Khanal,Prachnda,Baburam,Gajurel,Nilambar Acharya,Narahari Acharya,Ishwar Pokhrel,Madhav Nepal,Krishna Pahari,and many others are the shame and the downfall of the nation and her tradition.But democracy is run on the basis of majority and unfortunaatelym, the chettris and the bahuns are in comparative majority.
    Knowing the corruption of these people, King Gyanendra had tried to commence a new equilibrium aiming the national development, but thse people pushed him away cryiing democraacy. Now they are keeping under the Prachanda idi amin of Nepal.

  18. No doubt, Girija,Khanal,Prachnda,Baburam,Gajurel,Nilambar Acharya,Narahari Acharya,Ishwar Pokhrel,Madhav Nepal,Krishna Pahari,and many others are the shame and the downfall of the nation and her tradition.But democracy is run on the basis of majority and unfortunaatelym, the chettris and the bahuns are in comparative majority.
    Knowing the corruption of these people, King Gyanendra had tried to commence a new equilibrium aiming the national development, but thse people pushed him away cryiing democraacy. Now they are keeping mum under the Prachanda idi amin of Nepal.

  19. I just forgot mentioning one thing. All these national disgraces are supported by the people of Nepal, who cry harshly that the country and they are cheated.

  20. We chhetris want to be included in janajati, and we support all those janajati demand. We will be happy if our share will be secured. But brahmins are taking our pie in the name of brahmin and chhetri quota (32%). The whole bunch of game of UML, NC and Maoist are to suppress the chhetri.

  21. hahaha.. "chhetri"'s comments are pretty amusing.

  22. Very interesting article and many comments are interesting as well ie. Chetri's comment.

  23. Regarding comment by DEEPAK P----- BISTA above, which is actually dated December 2001 and probably imported by serial pest, stalker, and cyberstalker RANJIT SHAMSHSER JUNG BAHADUR RANA, of Adelaide South Australia. I am totally uninterested in the comment as I do not have sufficient knowledge of all the different ethnic groups in Nepal. However, It appears to me that Ranjit Rana is SPAMMING YOUR SITE. HE HAS A BAD HABIT of doing that to a great many different sites. He constantly USES DIFFERENT NAMES

  24. Now the above comment is one I rather enjoyed reading. So yes, someone read it, Brahmin of April 20. Unfortunately only because I check up what that w-nk-er Ranjit Rana of Adelaide South Australia is cr-pp-ng on about, he is such a b-llsh-t artist. Glad to know there are other kinds of Nepalese etc around - once without the hangups, major mental illnesses, and severe personality defects of Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana - (who does have two female offspring - comments above - but only one is called a Rana) and who is not entitled to be called a doctor of anything but
    b-llsh-t, beng unable to ever finish any kind of study at tertiary level.

  25. Sathiharu hami sabai nepali hainam ra???kena nak chuchhe and nak thepche vanera jhagada garnu?? Aba nata chucche vako nak lai tasera thepche banauna sakin6 nata thepche vako nak lai tankara chuchhe banauna nai sakin6 tesaile maile chain yo discussion ko kunai conclusion vetaina hai....

  26. U know wht?? those words doesn't match us..i mean nepali...i like ur coment but u should use some good words instead..Im sorry but those words are.... U UNDERSTOOD NA?? OK IM SORRY ONCE AGAIN..

  27. I am against all ideas that promote hatred and all people that promote those hatred. You are part of the problem. You are promoting a baseless, illogical and hitler style hatred that is more than condemnable. Voluntarily hand over power? Not like non-brahmins are restricted from politics. What other arguments are you going to make? That Newars should handover their business to non-newars? That sherpas should voluntarily handover the mountain climbing domination to the non-sherpas? Or that Gurung, Magars, Rai and Limbus voluntarily hand over their domination in the British Gurkha Regiments to the nons? As much as you have pointed out the nakchuchhes that are allegedly the problem of the country, you failed to point out the nakchuchhes that are humanitarians, great citizens, social workers and educators. If you have a problem with corruption and incompetency in government and the service sector, would it not make sense that you do something about it than mindlessly complain about it? I have seen enough mistreatment of bahun kids in schools exactly because of the hatred that people like you spread. I am a proud bahun. I'm smart and a citizen with integrity. And hell yeah, I'm strong and fast and will crush my enemies in a heartbeat. But that is not the point. The point is that racism is out of hand in our schools and it is everyone's responsibility to make sure that hatred is not the values that our children bring in or out of our schools. And when anyone spills out the word BAHUNBAD, I see nothing but incompetency and an effort to spread ill reasoned hatred against an entire group of citizens that have contributed a lot of good to this country.

  28. This is an UTTERLY RACIST blog. YOU are helping to spread hatred among Nepalis. This is so.... NOT NEPALI. While you might find it amusing in self-bashing and racism, remember there are others who cannot take it. Either you are a comedian; in which case the article was not funny at all or you are one stupid blogger.

    Yes, Nepal has its problems. And yes, there are Bahuns at the helm of most of the political parties, but didn't ALL Nepalis vote for this? If you think you are a true Nepali you should be voicing for a Referendum to decide the fate on Nepal. Not have some half baked loonies just out of their killing spree decide for you.

    Well, try some decent blogging for a change.

  29. Dear Divas
    i m agree with you and your article but i want to write some thing here. of course brahamin community always in top level in every sector and other are not but we cant change imidiately them so we have to do some thing to change their mind

  30. Birendra Kumar SahJanuary 3, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    Sathi ho, I don't say u r right or wrong, but it is your experience. I also experience same thing in this country. But one thing is that bahunbad is interwoven like spider. We general people can't break this spider's jail of bahaunbad. The other caste will not get chance until the rull will make such change. Because From top to bottom and in good halimauhali, bahun is there. At time of parti politics, they make the general people quarrel, but at time of getting opportunities of job and others, all bahuns become unite and don't give chance to other.

  31. I don't in anyway liked this article.I'm not against other caste and ethnic group but the way this article is written is pathetic and it makes me feel yuck. You know actually yuck upon u. Our nation is in a critical condition and such a thought is desperate. Though some of Brahmin (according to you;nakchuche which word i don't agree coz i don't have one though i m brahmin ) are abusing their power but it would be good if you wouldn't generalize.Each and every one, B.P koirala n other political leaders are positive examples of it.....So talk about bad person and deeds don't generalize.

  32. hey Khusi, yeah yuck upon're a nice gal baby! ;)

  33. Most of NOn-naak chucche haru padhne bela guchha kheling, dandi-biyo kheling, kt jiskaying and laure jane vanera kaile napadhing.Principal le exam ma strict garyoo vanera bau-ama sang milera principal lai kutna gaying ani pachi DADA/DON vaying. Tee naak chucche neta le yo don/dada lai khusi parnu napare desh ko kattti ramro vaying. Non-nakchucche haru pachadi parunu ko grass-root cause yehi education ko importance nadekhera ra vaying. Ani mehenat garera padheka naak-chucche haru rish uthing. Nana-thaari gaali garing. Tee 24-25 % naak chucche le garda ho ki baki non-naak chucche le garda ho desh ko yo halat vaying. Napadheka non-nakchucche le halka fulka padheka non-naak chucche le j vaning tyeii patttyaing.. afno buddhi thoppai navaing. Naak chucche haru le desh ko lagi British haru sang ladeko birsing.Naak-chucche gurkha haruko bahaduri le British haru impressed vaying Aile ayera afulai gurkha hoon vandai dhaak lagaing. Waiyaat haru.. Ali padhe lekheka non-naak chucche yestoo navaying. Mero mitra haru sarhai ramrai vaying. Koi koi kuhiyeka aalo le sarhaii hairan paring, Btw yo lekhak kei naak chucche navaying natak paring. Typical bhote dimag vaying..

  34. hahaha...thanks Naakchucccheee for your interesting argument. Btw, the writer of this post is a pure Bramhin Nakchuche...but, the post may have been influenced by indian tharo bhaisi ko momo & sukuti & chyaang that i used to eat and drink a lot in my teenage... it may also have been influenced by the fact that most of my relatives are Nakchuchches and most of my close friends were Nak-Thepches & Madhesis...

    however, since i've turned almost vegetarian these days, i'm also revising my own earlier opinions..

    btw Naakchucccheee, r u still single? ;)

  35. Thanks a lot Subramanyam for your wonderful anthropological insight. I agree with you that there're many types of Bahuns in Nepal. I have even encountered some ‘Pahadiya Maithil Bahuns’ with surnames like 'Mishra' & 'Jha' who have been living in Kathmandu Valley since the Malla Dynasty..

    i also agree with you that most Bahuns in Nepal have physical features similar to the Afghans, Pakistanis of the Hindu-Kush region...hence, originally Bahuns of Nepal may have migrated from those places...

    btw Subramanyam, r u also a Pahadiya Bahun? i've encountered many Pahadiya Muslims in Gorkha and other hilly regions, but i've never encountered a Pahadiya or Madhesi Bahun with a surname like yours man...Subramanyam sounds to me like a South Indian name...Pardon me for my ignorance...btw, i've also found names & surnames like mine in India..

    As for me, i'm a Bahun by birth...both my maternal and paternal forefathers migrated to Nepal's Terai as 'Ditthas' during the Rana regime...i think, my maternal great-grandfather migrated from Dhading(if i remember my great-grandmother's descriptions correctly)...on my father's side, we have been in the Terai for five generations now...some of my relatives have discovered that our forefathers migrated from Dhading's Kiran Chowk...but no-one knows yet where they came from in Dhading...

    Hence, anthropologically you may be right...and why only stop at Hindu-Kush i've argued in my another post, unless another discovery proves it wrong, all humans descend from African ancestors...

    Therefore, as for me, since i cannot trace back my ancestry beyond Dhading Hills, i declare myself as a native 'aadivasi' of this country...n personally i don't care if my definition of 'aadivasi' doesn't match with other national/international calling myself an 'aadivasi', i'm only countering the extreme 'janajatibad' politically who call Bahuns like me an outsider..

    if the Sherpa people coming to Nepal from Tibet just two generations ago can be 'janajatis', if Indians coming to Kathmandu just two generations ago can call themselves Newars, if the 1st generation Biharis living in Nepal's Terai can be native 'Madhesis' of Nepal, if the 'janajatis' living in Hongkong and London can still be native 'janajatis' here, what's wrong if i call myself an 'aadivasi' of this country?

    Otherwise, i don't even care whether i'm Bahun or our comedian duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya, personally i believe in only two types of human beings...Bhaaley(male) and Pothi(female)...and btw, i'm Bhaaley... :P

  36. THis guy is freaking dump ass....


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