Thursday, April 16, 2009

India Votes 2009: Billionaires' Polls: Hindutva, Islam, & Democracy


By Dr. Abdul Ruff


Essentially the billionaire' poll going on in India to make way officially for the rich people among others to enter Parliament as people's representatives is indeed a mockery of democracy. On the one hand the poll is being imposed on unwilling Kashmiris as the freedom leaders have announced a boycott of the Indian poll in an alien Jammu Kashmir now under hegemonic and brutal Indian occupation.. One other, the crucial issues of Babri Mosque reconstruction and surredering of Kashmir soverignty have not been raised in the campign, but the nation has to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Biggest joke is Indian polls being “free & fair”, while the opposite is true. Power of money and muscle as well as blackmail politics is the hall mark of Indian poll and politics and Muslims are the sufferes. India is being literally ruled by the billionaires and other varieties of multinational industrialists by keeping a regime of its liking. They finance national and regional politics, polls, cricketism, nuclearism, terrorism and many other activities both openly and hidden. Earlier these "special" category of "democrats" used to employ politicians as candidates for polls both for the Parliaments and state legislatures, but now many of them have popped up themselves as the prospective Parliamentarians for the next Parliament. Many of the today’s candidates for Parliament to make law for the Indian nation have criminal records, some of them alarmingly serious ones.

Indian billionaires and multi-nationals and other big industrialists are holding a poll to reelect a regime to pursue their global interests with the help of political outfits in the country through a properly constituted election commission to support their cause. Major issues like Kashmir and reconstruction of grand Babri Mosque destroyed during the Congress regime in 1992 are not at all raised in the poll in consensus efforts by all politicians-bureaucrats-intelligence with a view not to appeasing the Muslims in any way but only use them just as the usual vote banks. It means, the Hindus consider Muslims as fools of the worst category and Muslims also seem to admit that.


Both Hindu Congress and Hindutva BJP have same or similar agenda in India and one uses the other to stay in politics while the Hindutva elements control both these national parties. Destruction of Grand Babri Mosque was indeed a joint agenda of both and the operation was meticulously engineered by entrusting the Congress premier Narasimha Rao to “do the job” and he did by using the Hindu terrorists, military and polices forces to pull down the historic Mosque in Uttar Pradesh. No party, right, centre or Left, now talks about the Hindu agenda of Babri Mosque and Indian Hindus think the matter is closed for now. Indian premier pledged before Indian nation that the Mosque would be reconstructed at the very site where it stood, but till date Indian government has not done it. Congress is using BJP & co to save its skin. They only threat to pull down some more Mosques.

Israel is used by the USA and Europe as a regional weapons depot to transfer arms to the needy customers in the Third world. India has emerged as one of heaviest purchasers of Israeli arms. In order to track Muslims in India and Kashmir Indian leaders, both Congress and BJP, entered into military contract with Zionist Israel for weapons worth thousands of crores of rupees in which many party bigwigs get lucrative commissions. The BJP regime went for a 5,000 crores for “Barak missiles” and when the Congress came to power a CBI enquiry was instituted on the contract and bribery, but the congress recently signed a contract with Israel for 10,000 crores of weapons, obviously to kill Muslims in the region, and asked the CBI to get out of sight. That is Congress and BJP and their Hindutva links against Muslims and Islam.

As it was expected when offered the premiership to him, Manmohan and the likes have been serving the multinationals in the country and west. A recent report highlights the fact that now many of the aspiring Parliamentarians are billionaires themselves, but the political outfits who float them now rather boldly as the best stuff for the Parliament also claim they want people to elect them to serve the ordinary people. An old Joke? Can mafias, criminals, terrorism financiers, frauds and the likes offer any better governance? Indian Muslims are least bothered about all this, they just want their "favorite party" to win by all "means" and they are satisfied with a few coins offered by the Hindu leaders for their "services". They don’t mind if the Congress-BJP combines pulls down some mosques and keep the Muslims fully terrorized.


A vote for Congress party by a Muslim in India is a vote against Mosque and, hence, against their religion Islam and fellow Muslims. Both Congress (and BJP), the Hindu parties, are using some Muslim agents to use internet to mischievously make them vote for Congress automatically just by opening their dirty emails. If one opens the dubious email your vote is automatically cast for UPA- Congress. Though it is only a joke and does not mean anything in reality, still such dubious means being employed by Congress and BJP and other Hindu parties without even raising the issue of Babri Mosque and Kashmir problem is illegal and immoral. It is shameful that Muslims, unable to make Congress recommit itself for the reconstruction of Grand Babri Mosque still, shamelessly canvas for the Hindu forces that destroyed the Babri Mosque on false notions and annexed Jammu Kashmir and killed thousands of innocent Muslims in Kashmir as well as in India.

Congress is a party with hidden agendas against Muslims in India and around and the BJP which s a byproduct of Congress, just support them. Destruction of Babri Mosque and other historic mosques in India has been the target of Congress party but it uses BJP to achieve that object. Muslims cannot deceive themselves and their religion or insult their beliefs by voting the Congress or BJP. It is not to suggest that others parties are better, they all are one and same rotten stuff but they are not directly involved in the ghastly destruction of Babri Mosque and invasion of Jammu Kashmir, however, they also don’t demand the reconstruction of Babri Mosque and vacating the Jammu Kashmir converted by terrorist India as a terror zone.

In projecting BJP as the big threat to Islam and Muslims, Congress has taken Muslim support for granted. Similarly, the Communists and other Third front parties have ensured the bulk of votes of the Muslims sandwiched between Congress and BJP extremist dramas. Congress, a covert Hindutva party, is using, by usual secret arrangement, the Hindutva BJP as a threat to woo the Muslims to vote for Congress which in fact is also a terrific threat to Islam. By just ignoring the calls for vote to these anti-Islamic political outfits, Muslims would in fact honor their religion, their God ALLAH and dignity of Muslims, without fear of backlash form these Hindu outfits, because worst has already been done to Indian Muslims all spheres.


Most Muslims feel they have no proper choices and India has created all possibilities to elect only those the Indian regime offer to them. Muslims have, thus, have a choice among those who destroyed the Grand Babri Mosque, those who created the opportunity for the ghastly demolition by the Hindu terrorists and those who indirectly support tit and never opposed it or asked Indian regime to rebuild the Mosque as promised. The power-cum-benefits sharing tactics of Muslim League and other similar outfits have indeed harmed the Muslims genuine interests and emboldened the Indian state to honor the commit to the nation and world on Babri Mosque.

Grand Babri Mosque was pulled down in 1992 (on the false information supplied by the former Indian rulers from UK) by Indian Hindu terrorists with the backup of state and security forces. Politicians, essentially anti-Muslim, rule India on behalf of industrialists who finance their campaigns. After this poll, many industrialists would become ministers and occupy important positions. Can a poll meant to retain the billionaires in power through a government help the common people, especially the hapless Muslims in a basically Hindu India? Hindu parties and their governments have been fooling the Muslims for decades now. Muslims have to get away from their pressure tactics and ponder over their pathetic existence as well as threat plight in India at least while voting, if at all they choose to vote. Once Muslims begin to think one can expect a basic shift in Indian politics, for, Grand Babri Mosque would be back at its original site; Kashmiris will obtain their sovereignty back from an arrogant and hegemonic India. Muslims will get their legitimate dues in national development, hitherto denied by "secular & democratic" India.


As a strategic partner, India is like Israel and USA with hidden agendas to reduce the population of global Muslims and defame Islam by projecting it as a religion of terrorists and killing Muslims by branding them as terrorists, including suspected ones. India, basically ruled by Congress party and its allies, is employing all tricks to marginalize and terrorize the hapless Muslim population in the country. Indian industrialists once elected, don’t require the political MPs for advancing their interests around the world and now even get their own representatives as ambassadors and high-commissioners and other high officials abroad and indoors. Now elections are due shortly and many billionaires, private terrorists, criminals, national pick-pockets, liquor & other mafias and international frauds would reach the Parliament to make laws for “secular & democratic” India. They would use terrorism plank to loot the nation.

In fact, it does not matter who will be the next premier in India which has not so far produced any normal premier- let alone good or great with a vision- who is fare-minded and would take decisions independent of Hindu pressure groups and other capitalist lobbies, and capable of tracking Hindu terrorists and other trouble-shooters for minorities firmly.

The moot issue, therefore, is not which party or alliance would secure more seats and who would be the next premier. In fact, it does not actually matter whether a soft Hindutva regime led by Congress or an extremist Hindutva alliance led by BJP or even a third or fourth front without any program would form the government. But the real issue would be whether the Indian leadership would at all shed its anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim mindset first and then think about the genuine interest of Muslims including the Babri Mosque! Indian fa├žade of democracy and secularism is fake is used to fool the world, but the leaders keep confusing the world with these concepts.

(PS. This is not my personal issue, but an issue concerning Islam and the Muslims across the globe)


  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai - NepalApril 16, 2009 at 6:36 PM

    Dear editor,

    I read this above analysis about 'India Votes 2009: Billionaires’ Polls: Hindutva, Islam, & Democracy'.

    But, in India democracy is not only the problem, the mail problem of India is the crisis of national identety & prestige. Congress I can't represent the identity & prestige of India. Congress I 's interest is only to achieve the regime toto save the prestige. Actually, Congress I is not democratic party, it has failed to join hand to the Indian nationalist.

    BJP is only the democratic-nationalist party in India. BJP always is representing the national value & prestige. BJP never threat to Islam and Muslims. BJP only want to stablish the hinduism as a humanitarian aspect. The Hindu religion is the world's most liberal and tolerant religion. BJP knows, epal despite being a Hindu is the most liberal and tolerant non-secular country in the world. India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) is through the process of secular or Christian education. So, I think BjP is only going to save the identies of India as well as the ancient culture & traditions of Indian people.

    Among all religions of the world Hindu religion is considered as the most liberal. According to renowned philosopher Voltaire, Hinduism is the best gift of the East to the West. Similarly, George Bernard Shaw, Irish litterateur also said 'Hindu religion is the most important and the most liberal religion in the world. According to Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are even found in the present Islamic country like Iran. A stone scriptures of 486 BC found in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus. Even an ancient Parsi scripture 'Shatir' has lifted a word of Ved Vyas 'I am a true Hindu born in a Hindu country'. Another Hindu philosopher Manu has taken the area between Bindhya in south India and the Himalayas in the north as Aryabrata, the land of Aryans. Even outside travelers like Megasthaniz and Fai Han have written in their travel memoirs after their visit of the Kingdom of Chandra Gupta Maurya that Hindus have tall figure, long life, healthy, who avoid narcotics, simple, intelligent, truthful, who do not keep witness in transactions, do not lock their houses and there is no theft. So, in the evolutionary process of the world's civilization, Hindu philosophy is taken as liberal, simple and tolerant. Hindu philoshopy respects all the religions, never hate. But, we can't bear the intervention of other religion.

    So, we Nepalese people hope, BJP must, should take the leadership in new government of India. If BJP can't gain the government position India can't also secure. So we hope JP should be in New government of India.
    Thank You.

    Sircerely yours
    Dirgha Rj Prasai
    Kathmandu, NEPAL

  2. Chandra Raj GurungApril 18, 2009 at 6:33 AM

    Dear editor,

    I support the strong opinion of Mr. Dirgha raj Prasai. I think, Mr. Prasai's articles and views , always represent the reality of the country.
    Actually, BJP is better than congress (I) for Nepal.
    Thank you.

    Chandra Raj Gurung
    Pokhara, Nepal

  3. Dirgha jee,
    Although i disagree with your political views, from your earlier comments I had the impression that you’re an honest person…for unlike other opportunists who change their stand according to the rulers, you’re openly lobbying for preserving the already extinct monarchy in Nepal. Therefore, stop being a hypocrite…Stop fooling us by saying that BJP is better for India…why don’t you frankly admit that you want to see BJP in India so that it may be easier to lobby for your Gyanendra and your Hinduism agenda in Nepal? And what to say of your pakhandi nationalism when on the one hand you say that Nepalis should join Kashmiris, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis to teach a lesson to India for interfering in Nepal and at the same time you favor BJP in India whose leaders say that Jawaharlal Nehru, fearing Chinese reactions, made a mistake by refusing to annex Nepal into India, when King Tribhuvan had proposed for the same? At least stop being a dhongee and pakhandi Bahun in your views Dirghjee…

    And Dear Chandra jee, how could you support Dirgha jee without reading his previous comments?

  4. Dirgha Raj PrasaiApril 19, 2009 at 5:05 AM

    Dear Divas !
    I support your political analysis but, frist of all, you have to need sovereign Nepal. I am not the supporter of Indian leaders BJP also. But, BJP's motto is to stablish the identities of Nepal & India. So, I support to BJP then Congress.
    Dear friend !
    I am not the agent of King Gyanendra. But I want any king of people oreinted monarchy. Without monarchy Nepal can't stablish.

    Mr. Divas ! what is ethnic based fedaralism ? You see, this is the agenda of Nepal's disitrigation of India. The leaders of Maoist, Congress, UML and Madhesi are not for the sake of the country. They are catering the desintrigated agendas of the country. In Nepal, in the issue of republic, seculalism and federalism will be most difficult task. Actually, the constituent assembly will be the missile to destroy Nepal. The Maoist model of federalism based on ethnicity can disintegrate the unity of the country.The federalism can't develop the norms of democracy. Similarly, Professor David Seddon of London (keen observer of Nepalese perspective ) has said-' federalism is a big mistake, for Nepal.This is not necessary in fact to defend the interests of majorities or the interest of minorities, where women, or Dalits or Janajatie-s that can be done in other ways. The Madheshis- whoever they may be- can divide off and be a relatively autonomous state immediately provokes movements against this. I would argue very strongly that there is no need for federalism, that there is undesirable,undemocratic and profoundly divisive.(The Kathmandu Post 16 Mar.2009)

    Dear friend ! once please think my opinion in cool-mind and say to all your friends & party about Nepalese nationalism. Actually, Federalism with ethinics group will be the causes of desintrigate among the unity. The ethinic division of Nepal will create only ethnic leaders, not national leaders. We are Nepali brothers and sisters but the ethnic division will make us Bahuns, Chatri, Gurungs, Magar, Tharus, Newers, Limbus, Rai, Tamang and Madhsis etc, except Nepali. A scholar Dr.Tilak Shrestha says- 'Ethnic marginalization has been exacerbated by Maoist to weaken the center and get support especially from Janajaties. They have pressed our every social faults lines without any regard to the negative effects on the nation. However, they do not have solutions to it. Our roots go beyound the time of king Janak, Yalambar. Let us not forget our forefathers and mothers who left their legacy as temples, Chaityas,Chauth, Sundraras,Pagodas etc.' Infact, such traditional culture are the pride of being Nepal.
    So, monarchy is also the most important pillar in our nation. When communism was at its height in China, Chinese leader Mao from his sick bed had told late King Birendra that China understood it quite well that Nepal's sovereignty had been protected only because of monarchy in Nepal. Although communists are basically anti-monarchy, China always remained in favour of monarchy in Nepal. This amply tells why China always put its faith on King Mahendra and never believed Nepalese communist leaders like Pushpa Lal, Mohan Bikram and Keshar Jung Rayamajhi. Chinese analysis during the Maoist time was that Nepalese communists wear a revolutionary cloak they have always remained puppets of the Indian designs. This analysis has proved correct now. This character of the Maoists and Nepal's other communists because of their relations with RAW has always been turning Nepal into another Sikkim or Bhutan from the agenda of republic, secularism & fedelalism.
    So, please, think and contact me how to save Nepal.

    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

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  6. I feel that everyone except the so-called doctor is right. They are different points of view and everyone (sane) is entitled to them.
    As for me, I feel that both Congress and BJP are evil - one is for a sort of unofficial monarchy while the other is just the flip side of muslims. india is in deep shit and we indians know that best.
    Elections are a joke as long as you allow crminals of all sort to enter. Yes billionaires are more acceptable because they have already made their money and may ACTUALLY do something for the country. The so-called doctor of course, cannot see a world without a muslim leadership holding reins even in a country where it is in a minority. He should read vir sanghvi's post (repeated above) AGAIN & AGAIN TILL HE UNDERSTANDS IT.

  7. i think dr. abdul's article is downright stupid and the person does not have enough insight.

  8. What is the basic argument behind doing all this? It seems more like a decision made on a whim.

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