Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corruption in Nepal Child Adoption Business

*Authors' Names Withheld on Request

We are the adoptive parents expecting a baby from Nepal. Nepal adoption process has been much delayed due to what happened recently. Several parents already withdrew from the process and switched to Ethiopia adoption program because they are tired of waiting (They had waited 3 years). We are still hanging in there, and we hope things will move forward in Nepal, and we really adore Nepali children. We are just wondering what is really going on with "Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare". Are you familiar with this organization (

They are responsible to process all international adoptions from Nepal, and we are under the impression that one of the key positions in the department remains vacant, and nobody is really doing anything right now. If you know anything about current situation of this organization, We'd appreciate your help if you share your knowledge with us.

The parents adopting from Nepal are getting very desperate, rumors are circling around... We really don't know who to believe.  We are not supposed to get too much insider information during adoption process, but our fear is building up due to increased uncertainties. We hope all the children in orphanage are being properly cared, and the situation in Nepal will get better.

We are better off than many other parents adopting from Nepal. Lots of them have waited for over 2 years. We stay busy at work just to keep our mind off the adoption, because there is nothing we can do now to accelerate the Nepal adoption process. One of the other adoptive parents is flying to Nepal soon to personally find out what is really going on, I am afraid he is going to waste his effort, because situation will not change just because he is there.

We know Nepal government has a lot of other more important projects rather than taking care of international adoption. Whatever happens, we hope it will be the best for your people.


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  3. i think they have changed the policy of adopting children. Adoption is a kind of business similar to human trafficking. Lots of children are gathered either orphan or with parents consensus. The parents are convinced that their children are safe in children houses. The parents usually accepts these due to poor condition. The owner of the children houses without giving any information to their actual parents sell these children to foreign people in the name of adoption. During these exchange lot of money around 5 thousand USD are paid by the adopter.
    I am always against such act. meanwhile recently these have been the cases of sexual assault with these children in children houses.
    Lots of European visit in these places and ask for providing help.Instead they go there for child pornography and child sex.Nepal government has expelled one French citizen nearly one years ago.

  4. The following is from a letter to The Kathmandu Post:

    Inter-country adoption
    As someone who is actively involved in the adoption process in Nepal, I want to bring to light the fact that most officials and bureaucrats involved in international adoption process work only for their own interests, not those of the orphans put up for adoption (“A long wait for adoptive parents,” June 3, Page 3). The main problems with the current adoption process are as follows:
    1. Bureaucrats' self-interest: The reason for inordinate delay in foreign prospective parents getting children is that the Nepali officers want the agencies to contact them directly and pamper them, take them out for dinners and lavish them with gifts. So much so they want the agencies abroad to sponsor the children of the bureaucrats to study abroad!

    The files of foreign officers from different agencies who come here and treat bureaucrats like royalties are handled without delay. The agencies that loyally wait for the process keep on waiting. Every week, the legal officer of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (WCSW) is busy with dinners with agencies and receiving gifts and directly assisting the various embassies and agencies, even though all agencies have their country representatives.
    2. Blame game: In the news report, a WCSW ministry officer mentions he has received a list of 250 children for adoption, but orphanages are not cooperating with the process. But why don't they process the cases they already have? The ministry is blaming orphanages only to escape calumny. The fact is 300 children have already been listed for adoption and 21 families even received the referral packets six months ago, but the families have not been asked to travel yet. The delay is to pressure the agencies and families to entertain bureaucrats. Around 400 children are adopted from Nepal every year. The ministry already has a list of 300. Why don't they process those first?

    3. Allowance agony: Another reason the ministry is not keen on holding meetings is that the meeting allowance for ministry officials has been reduced from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 500. The delay is an indirect pressure for increase in this allowance.
    4. Manipulation and favouritism: The ministry has stopped giving file numbers of international families. Earlier, families could track their cases with the help of file numbers. But lately, in the name of computer programming, Nepali bureaucrats have stopped this practice in order to put the files of the agencies who entertain them ahead of those who don't. In this age of information and technology, why is the ministry hiding file numbers if their intention is good?

    At last, I want to appeal to Nepali bureaucrats not to play with future of orphans.

    Ram Kumar Karki
    by email

  5. please see the link >

  6. Adoption Nepal. Call for expression of adoptive parents.

    Terre des Hommes calls to collect evidence - even anonymous - parents french, Switzerland or elsewhere ..., having adopted a child in Nepal in uncertain circumstances.

  7. Never give up. Just stick with it and your dream will come true. The children in Nepal are beautiful -- poor, desititute and in need of loving homes. It will happen. Remember God is in control.

  8. To me, it had seemed that the new amendment in this policy in the recent past was in the interest of interested foreign parents to adopt. The story seems to be quite the opposite here.

  9. Nepal Adoption Updates 2010February 16, 2010 at 12:34 AM

    Commentary on Report of Hague Conference Mission to Nepal (23-27 November 2009):

    1. Develop the child protection system and understand the place of inter-country adoption.
    2. Develop and support measures for family preservation.
    3. Develop and support alternative care to parental care
    4. Better regulation of children’s homes is needed

    Answer for 1-4: absolutely agreed with report. Government Authority and Orphanages have to strictly follow to implement the suggestions. If they are not able to make scientific mechanism by them-self, they have to take help from Hague Secretariat and UNICEF.

    5. A new law is needed.
    6. Legal criteria for professional decision-making is essential.

    Answer for 5-6: absolutely agreed with report. Nepal Government should form central authority without involvement of CNFN.

    7. Eliminate financial gain from inter-country adoption
    Answer: Absolutely agreed with report Why should collect US$10,000 per agency apart from 3000US$ for Government and 5000US$ for Orphanages for in the name of child care.
    *It is like competition that who will do more MoU with agencies, it’s big burden goes to the prospective families. And now, it is collecting at CNFN and distributing within some people in the ministry and CNFN (there is an Adoption mafia-group at CNFN) in the name of reformation of policy. Government is collecting 3000$ per child and 10,000$ per year from Agency for same purpose. So the system of collecting US$10,000 should eliminate immediately.)

    8. A strong Adoption Central Authority is needed
    Answer: Absolutely agreed with report. Nepal Government should form central authority without representative of CNFN.

    9. Capacity-building is needed
    Answer: Absolutely agreed with report. We should do it ASAP. Please provide the guideline or an example how to follow it to implement correct way how other country doing.

    10. Implement Recommendations of the Unicef-Terre des Hommes Study
    Answer: I would like to thank for the job Unicef-Terre des Hommes doing.

    At the end: Eliminate 10,000$ MoU Immediately, it is just being source of Corruption, Form One Matching committee without private institutions involvement, Formation of Central Authority without representative of CNFN, and other things as per the Report.

  10. Tulio J. Rodriguez from KoRes Corp. Weston Florida has to be the most unethical mortgage broker and business owner I have ever met. Tulio J. Rodriguez and his associates are nothing short of: liars, scammers, unethical, unprofessional, and the list goes on and on. To sum it all up into one word "THIEVES" BUYERS BEWARE was written after this individual and company.

  11. Just about sums up the American adoption industry!

  12. Adoption: A business worth millions for German-Nepalese partnership

    Germans are building a children’s home in Dhading, Nepal, for 150 children on the books for adoption. Adoptions in Nepal for US and German citizens are currently on hold but are due to be re-allowed from the end of 2011. It is a huge business for the organizers of this trade – and for local Nepalese politician Ramesh Dhamala.

    I have traveled to Nepal several times in recent years, on my regular visits to my friends and realtions in Nepalgunj and Dhading. The story that they told me last month shows just how deeply corruption has pervaded the country, and, what’s more, that German NGOs are aiding it.
    Adoptions were always big business in Nepal, with corrupt go-betweens pocketing up to $20,000 from would-be adopters, usually arranged illegally. For the most part, the children are not really orphans, but were wheedled from their parents who feel they do not have the money to raise them. The business creates tragedies that cannot be made good again. There are plenty of examples of mothers still searching for their children after years. It is a rewarding business for the children’s homes though.
    The German organization “Kinderhilfe Nepal” is currently building one in Dhading, Nepal, for up to 150 children. Building costs of up to $500,000 have been earmarked for it, a huge and unrealistic sum for Nepal. The neutral observer has uncovered numerous inconsistencies and it reeks of corruption. Considering the capital that these children represent as they wait to be placed in families in Germany, it is obvious why corruption plays such a big part in this project. The 150 children waiting for adoption add up to a capital of $3 million. And that is only set to rise as more and more children join their ranks.
    The Children’s Future Organization, a front for “Carismo” and “Kinderhilfe Nepal” of Germany, has already successfully gained a foothold in arranging adoptions of Nepalese children in Germany. The links are easy to spot: the chairman of this organization is a local politician in the Congress Party, Ramesh Dhamala, whose voting district happens to be Dhading. And now that is where the children’s home is to be built. Ramesh Dhamala is well-known as an organizer of adoptions to parents in European countries. He is very familiar with the rural areas around Dhading, and he ought to have no problems in procuring fresh tenants for the new children’s home. Ramesh Dhamala has a thoroughly negative reputation in Kathmandu because of it. In 1998 he was heavily involved in the Forum Hotel sex affair in which the owner had blackmailed the entire hotel to the bone.
    It is really no surprise then that Ramesh Dhamala should also be supervising construction of the new children’s home in Dhading. Using money gifted by the German society, 2009 saw him purchase 300,000 sq. ft. of land for $30,000. Part of this land is now the site of the children’s home. It appears very much that the German organizers are looking the other way when it comes to the hair-raising corruption linked to the construction. They are in fact paying for an access road to the isolated plot. That in itself has pushed up the current value of those 300,000 sq. ft. of land to $250,000. Experts have not even looked at half of the expenses claimed by Kinderhilfe Nepal. But one thing is certain: No end of misery is in store when parents sell their children. Local politician Ramesh Dhamala has found his new goldmine. And you have to ask yourself: are the German donors just plain stupid or do they in fact share responsibility?

  13. heavy stuff, but please it is easy to give a negative opinion without any proof; it's just allegation...............
    So if you are serious publish your docs or other material information.

  14. Dr. Roswitha SchroeterFebruary 27, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Mr. David Wray,
    we are very much wondering why you are blackmailing our children's village project and Mr. Ramesh Dhamala. What is the reason for your false statements and your lies?
    We are part of the targeted organizations and are very concerned because of the fact that this article´s contents are mainly untrue and derrogatory statements. It is time to clarify the truth and remind you of your moral standards by which you are oblidged to post only true statements in the internet.Your lies are aimed at killing persons and organizations public face. By legal requirements, you have to remove this untrue article from your websites.

    of your moral standards by which you cannot support postings which are aimed at killing persons and organizations public face. Please remove this untrue article from your website!

    Reasons: it is true, that Germans have built a children´s village in Dhading, Nepal. 64 children have moved to Dhading in May 2012. Most of these children have been living in our childrens home for several years, most of them up to 10 years. They are going to a good boarding school and are being supported by German donors until they have a profession and can lead their own life.

    There is no business, there is only a lot of love for the children and their welfare!

    We are more than 40 families who have adopted children from Nepal. We can legally proof that all our adoptions were conducted according to the law of Germany and Nepal. Everyone of all the families have paid the regular fees of appr. 3000 € per adoption to the children´s home. This money helped to maintain the children´s home and pay for food, accommodation, school fees and salary of staff.

    It is criminal that you, Mr. David Wray are stating that adoptions were arranged illegally. It is also not true that the Nepalese mothers were not informed about the meaning of adoption. It is true that all mothers have signed documents in a legally correct way.

    It is true that several German organizations have raised the money to build children´s village according to the SOS model. 6 well equipped houses for 10 children plus 1 house mother were built. 1 large study center with computer room, library and extra rooms was constructed. The children have a lot of space to play games in a football ground, fields for growing crops and raising life stock have been planted. The children´s village has a biogas plant and a water supply system.

    Everybody, who has questions about this wonderful project is welcome to communicate with us or to go and visit it personally. We will not allow you to throw dirt onto our completely clean project and our Nepalese partners without any proof!!!

    Dr. Roswitha Schroeter, Dhan Schroeter, Anurada Schroeter, Lothar Schmid, Margitta Galid, Svenja Köster, Anita Killat, Angelika Fischer, Rita Donaubauer, Petra Pachner, Herwig Jantschik, Henning Zier, Dorothea Ranft, Thomas Burgdorf, Yvonne Pils and many more.

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