Friday, September 13, 2013

Fanatic Terrorism: Muzzafarnagar Massacre, India

A Little Girl Injured in Muzzafarnagar Riot

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Massacre of Muslims in Muzzafarnagar by majority Hindus backed by authorities is not the first of kits kind in secular India; Nor is it the last tragedy  to  befall on  ill-fated Muslims in this country. Indian Muslims are born here to get terrorized, and killed and also punished for nothing- only to make Hindus happy. 

Communal violence remains the main stream politics  to strengthen vote banks and Muslims are the target of  these essentially state sponsored attacks on  hapless Muslims living  in India at the mercy of Hindus and their leaders and regime. 

When partition took place Muslims who now live in India chose to remain in India on the assurances given by Congress party  and regime that their lives and interests would be protected. But  are they keeping their word? 

Muslims are not even treated as let legitimate  humans with dignity. USA has given special power to India to treat Muslims in India and Kashmir as it sees fit. All that Americans want is Indian money and tax support. 

When the Muslims  ask even  their little sons to  promote the Hindu prestige in all possible ways that amounts to  defaming of Islam that only shows how shabbily  the Muslims are placed in India. 

India just tolerates Muslims but  that  Muslims can feel safe here. 

 India helps only those Muslims that  are 100% loyal to the ruling party and promote Hinduism and Hindutva policies of the state. 

 Muslims in India are being controlled by the regime , media and politicians. They are being terrorized by the regime and its various agencies supported by judiciary and media.

 Ill-fate of Indian Muslims is of their own making by playing willingly into the dirty hands of politicians and now they position is reduced to vote bank material. 

Because of slavery behavior of Indian Muslims the Muslims in India occupied Jammu Kashmir are also suffering under the brute forces of military and intelligence. 

Indian Muslims must realize  that India is an aggressive Hindutva nation with a fake democracy  facade  to fool the world 

Indian Muslims and their political leader fools should know that Indian state and regional government  promote Hindutva forces and Hinduism indoors and abroad and any attempt by Muslims to  obtain any equality or  some respect would be dealt with sternly by the  state and its judiciary/ 

It is time Muslims in India realized the hard truth about their own plight in a Hindu nation. They must stop misusing religion and mosques for Hindu party politics and Indian sports and entertainments,

Indian Muslims need not promote all anti-Muslim nonsense being promoted by the state, media and sport mafia ! They should promote Islam and Islamic way of life  instead of asking their boys to   do nasty things to help India win in sports and cricket by mischief . 

They should pray in mosques for protection of Muslims and mosques from the onslaught by the state-media-intelligence-police and military  networks. Imam should give up hidden prayers meant to help anti-Islamic forces.  Imams should know Abdul Nassar Madani's crude fate at the fascist hands of Indian state for years now can  reach them as well- if not here  at-least in the life hereafter. 

Congress and other  parties pretend to be supporting  their  ill-fated Muslims while the Hindutva forces attack them in open for Hindu votes. But they  are mischievous people -crooks . 

These parties also host or fund some Muslim media portals only to promote their political  cause and do not help Muslims. 

Otherwise,  the state and politicians would continue to use them as mere vote bank stuff on payment basis.  

World therefore care a damn for the pathetic plight of Indian Muslims.

Today's world is deadly anti-Islamic as US led NATO rogue states and Israel keep killing Muslims calling them as terrorists. 

 Indian Muslims are born to suffer ! 

Will God help them when they want political and money protection and don't seek God's protection?

The issue here is very serious one. These so-called Muslims do not actually believe in Islam  do not believe in the "hereafter life", all that they know is they will also die like others  do and  after death there is nothing more, except burial.  Is it the Islamic faith? 

Every religion believes in life after death. But Muslims are supposed to fear God alone! Is that happening?

Islam is not merely a set of formalities and rituals for favors from the important persons or regime. , 

No Indian looks like a real Muslim committed to Islam but most them  have a dramatically  hypocritical Arab face 

 By playing second fiddle to politicians, Muslims in India have preferred to be semi-slaves of majority fanatics. Islam is not their concern but they place political parties above Islam and God.  That is the reason why Muslims in India have lost human honor and self-prestige. 

The  cold murders of Muslims in Uttarpradesh where Babri Mosque is situated is the  result of wrong  slavery attitude of Indian Muslims to politicians, existing only to serve their cause and get some coins . 

No point in wasting crocodile tears on the Islamic genocides by Hindus in Muzzafarnagar or any where in India.

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