Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can a person with Criminal Records Become the PM of India?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Regular communal violence and rampant corruption etc seem to promote Hindutva forces in India. 

The right wing extremist Hindutva leader and Gujarat chief-minister Narendara Modi has his palms soaked in blood of Muslims while he continues to clamor for Prime ministerial post for quite some time with backing from Hindutva mother organization RSS which control all Hindu parties in India and abroad. 
Modi is doing openly exactly what the Indian state wants to secretly and hence judiciary and media support him. 

Pseudo-Patriotism and Ultra Fanaticism 
Today all Hindutva parties stand fully exposed as pseudo-patriots because of their corruption instincts in illegal mining cases. They think they are the sole custodians of Indian resources and they are the right to loot them as legitimate citizens. Principles are null and void in Indian polity while the state promotes the corrupt people in all domains- not just in cricketism, military or judiciary. 

Indian premiers and top leaders are out of range for punitive measures for their promotion of corruption in the country. As a result, corruption has stayed as core ideology of Indian system.  
While taking full credit for app development programs in Gujarat state (though the state was somewhat developed even he took over as chief-minister!), Narendra Modi refuses to take the blame for all crimes and atrocities committed to Muslims in the state. That Modi refuses even feel or say sorry for the massacre of Muslims during his tenure only shows his hard core Hindutva fanaticism agenda meant only to advance to national politics and PM seat – and not because that helps the party. 

A major pseudo-patriot with an aggressive Hindutva headlight wants to be seen by the voters as anti-Muslim and anti-anti-secular opposing any secular agenda for India. That is why refused to attend the National Integration Council meeting convened on 22 September to discuss the ways for contain anti-Muslim violence following the latest Muzzabarnagar massacre of Muslims. 
Modi hates both Muslims and Islam and he believes that his aggressive stance showcasing arrogant Hindutva policy is like by the Hindus. By implicit, Modi also believes by insulting and injuring Muslims he serves the cause of Hinduism. 

Let Fanatics feel insecure! 
Everyone has a right to think big. But none everyone can achieve what one wants. Many people have achieved great feats without any pre-planning. Luck and upper blessings take a few persons to higher heights of life.

I was surprised see a piece of news that many well known Indians have refused to be a part of Indian if Gujarat CM N. Modi becomes the PM. My senior colleague at Mysore University and highly acclaimed writer Dr. UR Aanatha Murthy reportedly said he would not like to live in a country ruled by a person like Modi. 

I am surprised that URA made this remark, instead of categorically saying that a criminal like Modi can never become Indian PM, he said he does not want to live under such guys as PM.  His anger, anguish and antipathy are reasonable and logical. 

He should faith in the people’s ability to deny him the privilege of becoming PM even  temporarily. He should have forthrightly said Modi can never be Indian PM. That would have made some sense to ordinary people like me who know him for years now. 

Can Modi or any other person with clear criminal records become PM of India? 

Pure RSS Gimmicks 
When Advani refused to endorse the Modi candidature for PM’s post, a cleaver Modi came out with an RSS brand new trick of denying harboring any PM ambitions and he said he does not want to the PM at all. Quickly, the RSS began its political media work by meeting all Hindutva leaders especially the tallest man Advani to ensure support for Modi as PM candidature. In fact the RSS tires all tricks to refine the fading image of the BJP. 

That trick worked. Advani caved in to known RSS pressure tactics. But that is only a tactical move even from Advani who knew RSS would eventually support him only. RSS is using only the “progress” ploy of Modi in Gujarat to garner both Muslim non-Hindu votes on performance plank. 

Recent days clouded Indian media with fake stuff like Modi as Indian PM, etc. The extreme right wing party the RSS led bjp tries all tricks to be in the news until the next general poll polls next year even before. Hindutva forces in the regime and parties and media make BJP a formidable force to reckon with. However, facts and reality clearly show BJP cannot come to power at the centre. 

The whole idea to project a Hindu monster Modi as PM candidate is to terrorize both Hindus and Muslims, among others, to worry about Indian future and garner support Congress party. The fact that Modi killed hundreds of Muslims in Gujarat state where he rules is evident indication that he cannot be PM of India. 

Nor LK Advani who floated BJP upon the disintegration of the former ruling party Janata Party by adding “Bharatiya” to the then defunct name Janata Party is not going to let Modi tasked over the tall PM seat which he thinks he deserves more than Modi. 

Remember, Advani had earlier missed the PM post narrowly as he was already deputy PM under Vajpayee and he has been longing for the PM chair for too long. Since there was a fierce opposition by many to Advani as PM of India because of his direct involvement in the ghastly destruction of Babri Mosque in Uttar Pradesh, Vajpayee with a better face was preferred to fool the Indians. 

It was during the BJP rule that Indian state machinery, including media and even judiciary, has become somewhat Hindutva as the BJP consciously recruited the RSS and anti-Islamic elements in the government services. . 

Hindus in India are as much annoyed with BJP as any other party in the pa country for their poor performance and corrupt practices. There is just a remote chance that people of India would now trust the corrupt BJP party or vote them overwhelmingly to power. After all, the ruling Congress party now presents itself as more pro-Hindu party than ever before. 

By the by, let me caution you all. Whether Congress or BJP comes to power after the next poll, the country would continue to be controlled by USA, World Bank, IMF, ultra capitalists and imperialist forces. BJP and Congress have pursued the same policies economically, politically, internationally. Opposition has stopped functioning responsibly in India. 

It seems the poor Indians have no place in emerging capitalist India and they are only expected to leave the country and work abroad only to send foreign currency regularly to mother land so that the already rich Indians could use it for self advancement while the state could claim high economic growth. Please don't laugh at the fate of poor in Independent India where every thing is done to keep the rich in good humor!! 

Poverty remains intact in Gujarat while rich become richer. by using development schemes. Is it a real development? People should be prepared for even harder life as prices of essential commodities are going to rise many times in order to help the multinationals and other capitalist varieties externally. 

Judiciary can do a lot if it bans the persons with criminal charges or records to contest elections or hold offices of power.  

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