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Discovery of Mumbai Terrorism: India outsmarts USA

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The trends of International fascism, imperialism and colonialism demand that Muslims should be punished whenever a terror attack takes place any where n the world. Conversely, terrorism is perpetuated by fascist, anti-Islamic forces to kill land torture Muslims as the so-called “suspected terrorists”. The western media, along with their Indian counter-parts, are up on feet to focus on Indian terrorism as part of their anti-Islamic campaign and they want to prove that terrorism in USA was not engineered by them and that there are other terrorists for that. This pretence brings to focus Pakistan and Kashmir, the “usual” players against an innocent India.

Since India harps on the slogan “India’s sept11”, the hidden agenda of Mumbai Nov26 is amply clear to the world: India is focused don a seat in UNSC by enacting similar terrorist act in Mumbai with a lot of high fumes rushing towards the sky. However, at the outset, it seems Mumbai Terrorism on Nov26 is yet another Indian folly to bully the Muslims in India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh and elsewhere. Indian media, like the US-led global anti-Islamic ones, have the capacity to hide the truth and point an accusing finger at Muslims. World watches keenly how cleverly India and its media have terrorized the Muslims in the country by inventing terror activities. So many conspiracy theories about the Blasts, as usual, are circulating around while the Indian and other global anti-Islamic media are still inventing more to keep the news hungry masses in good humors to brainwash the global public about the so-called "Islamic terrorism". Indian media presume it is easy to fool the people by invoking “Islamic fundamentalism” theory on a permanent basis.

Thanks to media ready-made stories, Indian streets are still full of media made stories about how it all happened and who the terrorists are and why they did and what and who are their targets, so on. Indian media-intelligence reports have overwhelmed the readers and listeners' psyche it is very difficult to argue with to throw any clear light over their thought process and they, including Muslims, have fallen in line with official agenda and the media have done it well. That is the effect of anti-Islamic media of any country. Many factors, however, suggest the Nov26 to be an insider’s job to boost Indian "victim" image abroad and come closer to the USA and other global terrorist nations. No one suspects the American hands in the ghastly blasts because that would put an end to the much hyped strategic partnership.

Indian strategists and media create not only illusions but also solid strategies to make a point stressed to Hindus: Hindus are simply great and Muslims, especially those who live in India, Pakistan and Kashmir alone are terrorists and are responsible for anything atrocious happening in India. The refrain of the Hindu dominated Indian society that “all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims” is eye-opening for those who believe in secularism. This is an astonishing fact that Pakistan in spite of several clues, avoided to blame the neighboring country for terrorist acts.

Indialoves” the Arabs so much that it invariably links the terrorism events with Saudi Arabia as well. The recent incident of hijacking of huge Saudi Oil tanker by the Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden that has been unheard of in the recent past and Indian undesirable role in that could one reason. India sees a lot of petro-dollars being pumped into “terrorism” activities.

First, the Indian media came out with a new theory of a new home-grown terror group and then changed its usual contours of suspicions and finally settled and fixed on Pakistan, as before. The Deccan Mujahideen group, through an e-mail sent from Saudi Arabia and received by Indra Gandhi Airport officials, has “claimed responsibility” for last week's terror attacks in Mumbai and threatened to blast several other spots in India. Most spy agencies around the world are reportedly clueless about the antecedents of the Deccan Mujahideen, which has claimed responsibility for the planned and synchronized terror strikes in Mumbai. But, as before, gradually India stays focused on blaming Pakistan for the Indian attacks and world has also seen an onslaught of propaganda from media outlets attempting to place the blame for this attack on Muslim groups and the fictional CIA founded organization Al-Qaeda. There are even eyewitness accounts saying that the attackers did not look like Indians but instead appeared to be western-cum-Indians.

Earlier, immediately after the Sept-11 event killing innocent people, India hurried up to repeat the show in New Delhi and chose the Parliament compound to hatch its tricks and tracking the advancing Kashmir freedom movement by arresting Afzal Kashmiri. Now once again Indian strategists have tried to showcase their sharp brains against US dissuading it from support for Kashmir.

India proudly compares Nov26 with Sept11 to be able to come still closer “nuclearly” to Washington. India knows the USA wanted to invade and destroy Afghanistan for pursuing an Islamic domestic agenda. While occupying Afghanistan, the USA also invaded Iraq and wanted to advance its terror spree ahead. The agenda of US-led terror forces to invade Iran and kill Mahmoud, some how could not come true, because of the strong objections from other members of the UNSC. After Sept-11, USA never had any terrorism experiments and the "shield" against "enemies" is already operating in the USA over-ruling the objections from Russia which also has asked USA to dismantle the notorious NATO.

The beneficiaries of Sept11 were not the Muslims, but the USA and its allies. It is no more a secret that USA engineered the Sept-11 tragedy meticulously to pull down the Islamic regime in Afghanistan, invade Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein and terrorize Muslims and the world at large. USA did not even consider it the right thing to suspect Japan for the Sept11 event, though it was Japan which had born the terrible effects and after-effects when USA tested its first ever atomic bombs on Humanity during WWII. But in Mumbai case Japan’s role cannot be doubted.

The two main external beneficiaries of the so called “war on terror”, apart from US defense industry, are Israel and India. Both countries have killed innocent people in the name of counter terrorism and both have occupied lands of millions of Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine. Since 9/11 everything Al-Qaeda did is always proved to benefit the enemies of the Muslims and 'harmed' its interests, helped neo–cons starting from President Bush's help in low rating times to even issuing a statement during recent US elections.

The beneficiaries of Mumbai terrorism or Nov26 are not Muslims either, but are supposed to be the Hindutva and anti-Muslim outfits in India and abroad. By splitting the Indian people on the basis of religion and to create fragmentation in their minds enemy of Islam could now use the Mumbai tragedy to corner the weakened Muslims around the world. USA sensing danger to its own terror designs quickly supported the India case on terrorism and condemned the killings of poor people in Taj Hotel Mumbai. Not just that. The western media anti-Islamic fanatics began churning out rotten materials helping India media to find fault with Muslims for the terror attack.

The one stage outcome of the Nov26 Mumbai terrorism is the emergence of a pro-US regime in New Delhi: the exit of the central Home minister and his replacement by a pro-US finance minister Chidambaram and the premier Manmohan Singh himself taking over the finance portfolio on the eve of the visit by US secretary of state Rice; Indo-US flirting could go a step further without any hindrance. With all pro-US prime-minister with finance portfolio, Home and Defense (AK Antony), now India could be directly controlled by the USA, as Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan have been so far.

As it has long been expected the Indian and other anti-Islamic media have finally come out with the theory of “Pakistani trained terrorists" in order to divert the attention of innocent people terrorized all around. As an Indian practice, no sooner had the battle started on November 26, 2008 in Mumbai between militants and Indian commandos, than Indian officials began pointing fingers at Pakistan’s possible involvement. But Manmohan's confusing statement caused further confusion among the intelligence and media.

With a view to cooperating with India on the terror case, Islamabad has readily offered India a joint investigation into the attacks, which India has rejected. Pakistan asks India to supply credible evidence directly to Islamabad for further action, but India talks only to its media, threatening Pakistan of a war. India has also asked Islamabad to hand over a revised list of 40 fugitives from Indian law it believes are “hiding” in Pakistan after the blast, eve3n while rejecting Pakistan’s demand of handing over some important Hindu leaders for their terrorist and destabilization activities in Pakistan.

But India presuming to be the only “super power” of Asia and claiming a seat in the notorious UNSC, wants to decide everything according to its own fancies. As expected, India once again told childishly to Pakistan: “Look, I won’t talk to you, my mummy asked me not to be friendly with you because you are a bad guy! Only Americans and Israelis are good". Indian passion for fascism, fanaticism, terrorism and colonialism needs not elaboration here.

Mumbai Terrorism: India outsmarts USA- part-II

India has been a cradle of fascism and Hindu fanaticism. A few Indian (Hindu) fanatics have even seen in Nov26 several Muslim factors like Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and also Saudi funding in the Mumbai terrorism. That is the usual business in Indian media. But they shield the real culprits, the Hindus. They cut parts of intelligence reports to suit their anti-Islamic format in journalism. They are further provoked by the US-led western media trying to fix Pakistan and Afghanistan to create a tensed situation in the region. As usual, they all are trying to let the real culprits escape and fix the defenseless Muslims.

The attacks allowed the Indo-global media to re-introduce the idea of the phony terror war back into the public eye and terrorize Muslims. Despite the fact that there is little to no evidence that this was pulled off by some sort of Islamic terrorist group it is being billed as such an attack by Al-Qaeda. It also allowed India and western governments to blame the attack on Pakistan and Kashmir as a pre-text to launch military operations on Pakistan soil. Already the world is suspicious of these state terrorisms.

It has been the strategy of the US administration and it Pentagon-CIA combines to capture the main pages on news and analysis in international media. India has been making all out efforts to outsmart USA. With hit terror attacks in Mumbai, India has recaptured the world attention abut its suffering nature and for retaining Kashmir under the terror pretext. India and USA have been fighting a long hidden battle to obtain the prime light in global media exposure. USA always manages that.

Notwithstanding the Indo-US blame game on Pakistan, terrorism took place and the truth certainly lies somewhere and someone has "done" the terrorism game in Mumbai. Has the USA, the known global terrorist state, done the ghastly carnage in Mumbai all by itself or with Israel and/or India help or was it a combined operation of Indo-US-Israeli terror networks? All these three are trying to forge a coalition in some parts of the world. Or, was it a UNSC combined operation to make India attack Pakistan and kill more Afghans and Kashmiris?

The attacks took place after India thrashed UK in one-dayers 5 times consecutively and is UK responsible for that? After all as the former rulers of India they know India much better than today's rulers and, media and intelligence do! Moreover, the British rulers poisoned the greedy Hindu minds to annex the alien Kashmir lands in 1947.

The Nariman House housed an ultra-orthodox Jewish centre, and in which some of the terrorists stayed. The CIA and the Mossad are known to have infiltrated certain radical Islamist outfits around the world, even instigating them to wild acts of terrorism so as to destabilize countries, inflame anti-Muslim passions and strengthen and justify the Israeli- American-led axis and imperialist interests and drive countries wrecked by radical Islamist terror into the deadly American-Israeli embrace.

More importantly, Mumbai hot news came when the Pakistan Foreign Minster was holding talks with his Indian counterpart in New Delhi on Kashmir and other bilateral issues. After the opening of the LOC for cross border trade, now both are seen discussing crucial issue of surrendering sovereignty back to struggling Kashmiris. India is also busy holding its poll in JK, against the will of the people, to legitimize it s militarization of JK, genocide of Kashmiris running into over a lakh innocent Kashmiris. Kashmiris have been demanding the Indian terror forces quit their lands.

Pipeline politics has changed the equations among world powers. India is using the newly obtaining climate to pull Washington towards itself. USA now controls Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing Muslims at will. India is using the emerging equations with USA to destabilize Pakistan as much as it can. USA wants India also to officially join its terror war bandwagon to kill Muslims in the region. Mumbai terrorism is being used as an effective tool to woo India into joining the terror camp. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in New Delhi on business. The trip is expected to tone down India’s angry rhetoric against Islamabad which could spill over to a military conflict that would undermine the US war against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Mumbai Terrorism: India outsmarts USA (Part-III)

Of course the building owners of the terror targets in Mumbai would get the damage costs from the insurance companies and government and other sources. The act of Mumbai bombings, though as dangerous as the Sept11, but not more treacherous than the ghastly terrorism-vandalism on Grand Babri Mosque by Hindu militants in 1992, seems to be the desperate move - if not of the global trio US-India-Israel- of the Hindu terrorists and supremacists who want to blame everything on 'Muslims' but also want to enjoy the full benefits. Perhaps the arrests of Indian army officers involved in bombings have panicked the Indian establishment? Many analysts believe it is a cover up and inside job because there are so many gaps in the reports.

The only super power of the universe, the all powerful USA, has reason to think that India has been trying to outsmart it in many ways by duplicating or applying its strategies in many domains without giving due credit to USA for that. That is indeed too bad, to state the least. When India is replanting the economic, political and terror seeds in the country it should thank openly the US strategists for developing such wonderful ideas to keep the world under perpetual threat. Kashmiris in UK feel India is playing some dirty game in the name of usual terrorism and India is involving Pakistan in the incident just to cover up its own follies and failures.

India longs for a triangular relationship with both USA and Israel to “contain” Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kashmir. It wants all the leaders of these “small” nations to come running to New Delhi whenever a call comes from there. India is engaged with as many big powers as it can for sumptuous military deals that benefit several middlemen in India whose operations are global and who helped Manmohan to assume power. .

Terrorism is closely linked to capitalism, fascism, colonialism and neo-imperialism trends. Capitalism based on profit making and rampant corruption remains the root cause of spread of terrorism. Global resources have been taken away by a few big guys and leaving almost nohti9ng to the less or under-privileged people, especially the Muslims who are being tortured and killed by US-led terror forces. Iranian leader Mahmoud correctly observed that injustice and inequalities are primarily responsible for terrorism. Terrorism cannot be routed by employing super-terrorist methods or counter-terrorism or killing some Muslims or torturing them in secret cells. That would give rise to mega-terrorism from which the world can never recover. Nor can the USA acquire the entire world.

Terrorism has given enough coverage for India for too long to be in lime-light for whatever reason, but in recently months it has reverses on account of popular uprising in Kashmir and sprout of fresh demands for independence. Indian media are so particular to play the destructive role in dividing India and Pakistan and get more sales for their stuff. But, strange enough, bulk of Pakistani media also play havoc in focusing on Indian terrorism to justify the killing of Muslims by Indo-USA in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

The term “terrorism" was born in 1947 and who carried it out? - Israel. The term has been internationalized and popularized since then by the corporate media. Indo-Israel engagement dates back to many decades. In 1992 when Indo-Israeli ties were openly established, the two countries were having secret relationship. All these years global media, thanks to pressure tactics and active diplomacy by India, avoided to talk about the plight of Kashmiris, Palestinians, and many more people around the world at the hands of state sponsored terror and terrorism as perpetuated by India in Kashmir and Israel in Palestine.

Aided by Israeli-US support, India strives to be the leader of South Asia and Asia proper by replacing the economic giants Japan and China. In extending its tentacles on to nearby areas, India perhaps considers Afghanistan also a part of Indian empire now and with US support it is entrenching itself in various pars of Afghanistan. RAW has now well-established stations all across the Pak-Afghan border and it is actively taking actions inside Pakistan, be it is Balochistan or NWFP, yet no one ever dares to mention it because that is the 'game' the Indians are playing and that is the way they want it to be.

Cooperation between India and Israel has increased manifolds in military and intelligence fields since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992.Israel attaches a significant strategic value in an alliance with the Indian Navy, given India ’s dominance of South Asian waters. As it is known, India wants to come still closer to USA via Israel and it thinks terrorism is the best tool to be employed for the purpose. USA quickly comprehended the Indian tactics and Hindu mindset and come down with intelligence aids. Now it is becoming all the more clear that India has determined to utilize the services of terrorists to advance it national and international goals. It seems India, a regional terrorist, has won a covert battle with USA , the global terrorists.

The secret part of Indo-Israel defense ties should worry the regional leaders. Israelis are reportedly in active engagement with India in providing high tech equipment and doctrinal counsel to its armed forces primarily aimed at suppressing the Kashmir Freedom Movement and fuelling insurgency in FATA and Balochistan. Hi-tech surveillance equipment includes Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System (LORROS), Battle Field Surveillance Radars, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Eaves) and Electronic Warfare equipment for deployment along the Line of Control and Working Boundary and interior regions of Held Kashmir. India’s Special Forces are also being equipped with Israeli-made Tabor Assault Rifles.

Negotiations among anti-Islamic nations are on for a coordinated global operation. USA has made ring gang nations across the globe to contain Muslims. Washington in collaboration with India is on the policy of capturing oil rich central Asian Regions, containment of China, suppressing Iran, capturing Asian Market to boost her economy and supporting Israel on Palestine Issue. India wants to retain Jammu Kashmir with military operations and genocides and plus India should be involved in geopolitics and economics of several regions, mainly Central Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Russia etc. USA must support India against Pakistan and China.

To meet its growing military needs of up gradation and modernization of its defense muscles India seems determined in achieving self-reliance/ self sufficiency in its surveillance capabilities, missiles, and air fleet. On the face of heavy cost of conducting research and development, India is relying on import of components and collaboration. India's attempts to improve its defense system with the aim to counter its nuclear-armed adversary, Pakistan, have been greatly supported by Israeli weaponry that includes surface-to-air missiles, avionics, and sophisticated sensors to monitor cross-border infiltration, remotely piloted drones, and artillery. This research reveals that India is gradually moving to self-reliance from the import of arms via licensed production towards indigenous development and production of arms. India ’s huge and lucrative defense market is offering a golden opportunity for Israel to exploit it for economic gains as well as political benefits. Israel has been forthcoming in supplying India with state-of-the-art defense related stuff.

Mumbai Terrorism: India outsmarts USA (Part-IV)

Today several parts of Islamic world are under occupation and perpetual siege. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Dagestan are the oldest spots. Unlike the Western nations where strong leaders protect their (Christian or Jewish) nations with an efficiently knit security system, Muslim world is hopelessly divided on several lines and they see one another as their chief enemy while the anti-Islamic nations and their notorious media terrorize and pounce on them. There have no coordinated efforts to secure the borders f the Islamic world, while they are interested in securing the wealth of the rich and the rulers and Arabs s seen busy counting the petro-dollars. This attitude has brought the enemy vessels at their doors. Saudi Arabia and others perhaps think the USA and Israel will not attack them. Palestine and Kashmir are under perpetual attack form their neighbors.

The fact that Islam is under severe siege from US-led western fascist forces, India pursues its own hidden global agenda vehemently. Late realization that companionship as well as flirting around USA is essential for advancing its so-called national interests abroad, India began courting USA in al big way by pursuing a submissive diplomacy. For quite some time, India has been reeling under re-emergent Kashmir freedom movement displacing all claims India has made so far on its legitimacy over Jammu Kashmir. The Indian poll underway in Kashmir does not give any positive signal for its continued occupation of that land by force. On the contrary, even those who voted have clearly said they want independence from India.

With US assistance, India is firmly established in Afghanistan to contain Pakistan and is colluding with US terror forces in killing Muslims in the region. It has been a routine practice by Indian leadership and its media to quickly blame Pakistan for terror attacks in India. In fact the Indian media had grown restless in delaying to name Pakistan as the culprit and put an end to the tragedy. Pakistani leaders have condemned not only the ghastly blasts in Mumbai, but also the unfortunately verbal blasting in New Delhi against Pakistan. The Pakistan leadership at once again warned India not play with tragic situations of India to threaten or bully Pakistan, saying that India should refrain from leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan in connection with the Mumbai attacks. General Kayani informed the civilian leadership that the military was capable of thwarting any aggression.

Currently under severe world criticism over its terror activities Jammu Kashmir, India is trying every possible tricks to silence the freedom leaders of Kashmir. Kashmir freedom fighters have come together now to wage a renewed struggle for independence from occupying India since 1947. The popular uprising in Jammu Kashmir has alerted Indian side to take every possible precautionary measure to retain Kashmir under its terror control. Added to that, even the o pro-India political outfits on which India has been so long banking for its support for legitimacy have also supported the freedom cause. This unexpected turn of politics in JK has annoyed the poor Indian strategists very badly. India claims legitimacy over JK by holding polls there and placing a pro-India regime in Srinagar and has gone ahead with poll under military movements every where, against the wishes for the people who now have voted not for Indian case of terrorism but for independence.

India badly needs global sympathy to outsmart the Kashmiri freedom fighters for which even the president elected Obama seems to giving a helping hand and that would have been bad omen for the badly hit India. India has to divert the attention of Kashmiris and world leaders from freedom talks and bring Washington back to nuclear deals when Obama takes over form Bush who pursued his father’s agenda by misusing the White House.

Even though Indian premier Manmohan did mention about a "foreign hand" in the blasts, he could not utter a word about USA or Israel or any thing nation, perhaps out of fear or just not to jeopardize the emerging equations, but the Indian media gave a Pakistan color to the statement and now India position is moving towards a similar position so that Indo-Pakistan talks get automatically stalled and Kashmir independence movement is discouraged. In fact by granting independence to
Kashmir, India could concentrate on it sown problems.

The reality of Indian terrorism in Kashmir has made the Indians go red. Indian strategists thought it was terrorism that originally brought the USA close to India and earned world sympathy for Indian "innocence" and therefore with this new Mumbai terrorism, it would now approach the UN and other bodies with "terror" appeals to bring back their sympathies as before. India , however, remains a terrorist state, killing Kashmiris. Over-bossism of India has increased the insecurity in the context of state collapse, terrorism, fundamentalisms, humanitarian disasters in South Asia , Regional Water conflicts, economical and finical crises are going to be catastrophe for the people and likelihood of a serious inter-state armed conflict over water resources will be soon. India can tell the USA in its face if Americans could fool the entire world about Osama terrorism, why should India also try the same trick now? Fooling the world is not the monopoly of the USA alone, India is an emerging rich guy it also should showcase its power in some measures.

The whole terrorist exercise in Mumbai, therefore, is to thwart the Kashmir freedom movement, silence the freedom leaders and terrorize Muslims in India and Kashmir. The decision to move more troops to LOC and deny access to Pakistan and stop the ongoing peace process between arrogant India and Pakistan and keep the Kashmir issue on hold for some more time, at least until the general poll.

Mumbai Terrorism: India outsmarts USA (part-V)

US-led anti-Islamic nations focused on energy resources and control of the Islamic world with the help of other “shared friends” India and Israel should now sit back to chart out ways and means to ensure equality and justice to ever4yhuman being in the world and stop worrying about more and more profits for their transnational companies. That might lead to a global world of welfare nations.

Focused on Mideast energy resources, global domination through showcasing of military prowess, genocide of Muslims, USA has exposed itself and there is a clear realization that USA is playing a sinister game of destabilizing Pakistan, while developing new ‘friendship’ with India to support the strategic objectives of keeping its forces in Afghanistan and extend power and influence to control events in the regions of Central Asian States, Iran, China and Russia. But such ambitions are not based on solid realities.

Longing for a strategic partnership possible in global terrorism, fascist India pursues a soft diplomacy with USA and its allies, except Pakistan with which it adopts terror diplomacy, cannot blame it for any terror attacks in India, if any, nor can it accuse Israel of subverting the “largest democracy”. There is striking revelation about US-Israel connections in Mumbai attacks, with Israel openly criticizing Indian operation that killed some Israelis. But India cannot directly place any terror blame on USA, its supposed benefactor.

A clever USA uses a couple of planks and a few so-called Islamic “terror camps” to cover up its own global terror agenda. Al-Qaeda is a fictional group created by the CIA. Recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai India appear to be the work of a western intelligence agency. Sophisticated terrorist attacks are usually only executed by an institution with a vast amount of resources at their disposal, and not by terrorists living in a cave somewhere. History has shown that high profile terrorist attacks which get top billing in the media are in fact government sponsored.

India is a known nation of hatred towards Muslims, racism and discriminations. India keeps on insulting Pakistan and its citizens at par with Indian Muslims and Kashmiris with their typical Indian "accent" and limited vocabulary and the critics on our side keep smiling as though they do not even know what is being said. India has taken care not to kill Hindus in India and outside. Among the dead were Arabs, Jews, Britons, Americans, Russians, Greeks and Egyptians which who represented different cultures and belonged to different religions. India is known for hidden strategies, like the USA, and the Mumbai terrorism could even be meant for some other misadventure. With this terror trial in Mumbai, India should be getting ready for yet another hidden strategy on Arabian Sea with US-Israel co-scheming.

India is deadly focused on the unilateral US for advancing its narrow interests. American strategists now and predicts a major shift in US foreign policy under Obama towards Pakistan after this incident. The terrorism has helped India to make Washington and its media to shed some crocodile tears about Mumbai inferno. So, it seems as if India has succeeded in his campaign to isolate Pakistan in the international community as suggested by Indian Defense Review.

The independent Indian mindset is one of bossism vs. slavery. Indian strategy allows people to know what they’re supposed to know only and to hide all facets of truth form them. Since it has under control an alien nation Jammu Kashmir, India has to mould the Indian mindset in such a way as to make them support the Indian hidden cause. Indian media and intelligence networks have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light may enter their (the slaves’) minds. India media’s role is restricted to extinguish the capacity of the people to see the light and make the state work successful and complete. That is the tragedy of India and it people. Mumbai blast is just the iceberg of the problem.

It is strange even some media managed by Muslims around the world also somehow see an "Islamic Hand" in the Mumbai terrorism. This is either to show Muslims are strong and can challenge any unilateral threat form USA and its lies, or, their ignorance of the fact Muslims are already badly shaken by anti-Islamic nations and their media cum intelligence wings. But whatever it may be, this attitude harms the genuine interests of Muslims globally and causes serious deadly problems for the Muslims n non-Muslim countries like India, USA, UK, etc.. It is also a known fact that like some global Muslim henchmen acting as terrorists, some of Muslim media are also being promoted by the anti-Islamic forces to spread a sort of anti-Islamic fear or Islamaphobia among the Muslims and others. It is not only unfortunate, it is deadly condemnable..

India has decided to further crush Muslims in India and Kashmir which is under Indian occupation, by enacting Black Laws on “terrorism. After the destruction of Babri Mosque, Hindus targeted Muslims with state back-up. Mumbai bombings, though as dangerous as the Sept11 but more treacherous than the ghastly terrorism-vandalism by Hindu militants in 1992, seems to be the desperate move - if not of the global trio US-India-Israel- of the Hindu terrorists and supremacists who want to blame everything on 'Muslims' but also want to enjoy the full benefits? Hindus are involved Indian terrorism, but India accuses Muslims around. Perhaps the arrests of Indian army officers involved in bombings have panicked the Indian establishment? Many analysts believe it is a cover up and inside job because there are so many gaps in the reports.

Like the USA, India plans its strategies very cautiously much in advance. Currently, Indian prestige is reeling under Kashmir issue with a pronounced freedom struggle making Indian tall claims a total farce and Kashmiris have stood together to reclaim their lost sovereignty and dignity. India might have planned Mumbai attacks with the aim to boil Karachi and in the name of war on terror target the select camps of Azad Jammu and Kashmir where thousands of Kashmiri who migrated from the Indian occupied Kashmir due to the terror and other forms of atrocities inflicted by Indian Military since last 20 years. India and Pakistan, nuclear nations, should agree on complete non-interference in internal matters. India must stop activities in Frontiers via Afghanistan. Why should India around 20 Indian Conciliates in Afghanistan and did USA ask New Delhi to cover up Afghanistan genocides?

But will the USA approve of Indian over-smartness? That is the question now. India should ask the international community to join hands against the menace of terrorism and not against Islam, Muslims, Pakistan, Kashmiris or "Islamic fundamentalism”. India terrorism will seriously impact the consciousness of the Pakistani nation already suffering from economic melt-down, political uncertainty and the agonizing sense of insecurity. As far USA, if it has not yet won the terror wars in Iraq , Afghanistan and Pakistan , it will never in future too. Better Obama realizes the historical reality about imperialism and colonialism under any fabricated pretexts.

India is keen to have full control over the Indian Ocean under the terror pretext and the other nations on these waters should wake up. India has no guts to directly accuse USA of treason and terrorism. India has realized the terror strategy can hold waters in the country and the devastation, as result, once again prevails in India and, as a routine matter; fingers are being pointed out towards Pakistan. But by blaming Pakistan, Indian media and strategists accuse the USA which is occupying Pakistan along with Afghanistan and Iraq, killing Muslims around.

With a terror prone state India around, the South Asian nations have be on their own guard, because India could use that as a pretext to engineer destabilization in its neighborhoods. One hopes, the more enlightened Western media will endeavor to analyze the Indian mindset. For Pakistan, while aiming for peaceful coexistence, it is critical that its leadership be alert to India’s, often nefarious, designs against Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh and Muslims in general.

An arrogant USA pursuing unilateral policies globally, fascist nations like Israel and India killing the Muslim at home and in neighborhoods, the world seems standing at the brink of another world war even with Indian addition to it, because of failure of emerging weak role of UNO and emerging unipolar system. If not checked in time, the secret collusion of Israel and India which is being patronized by Washington could lead the international community to a catastrophic WW-III. The anti-Islamism goals of US-Israel0India led nations would still try more tactics to silence the world.

Yes, regional peace cannot be obtained without Kashmir becoming an independent nation once again. India has had enough of terrorism strategy to silence Indian Muslims and freedom seeking Kashmiris over decades now. Even if the political Muslims have been silenced over the issue, Secular India must feel the urgency to keep its word to rebuild the grand Babri Mosque now. Indian options remain fixed on vacating Jammu Kashmir peacefully and regain, if it still can, its prestige internationally, in stead of trying more tricks to kill the defenseless Kashmiris. Better the JK Governor calls off the fictitious polls under way there now since Kashmiris have declared they vote for independence and quickly initiate steps to declare their independence. That would be good for both Kashmiris and Indians and that would ensure a safe existence for Pakistan and other neighbors in the region.

True, and unfortunately, UN, UNSC-15 and UNSC-5 have proven to be worthless and conspirators of global fascism and terrorism. This fact has negatively impacted upon the fascist policies of countries like Israel and India. This shameless trend needs urgent arrest and follow-up actions from the world communities, if humanity has to survive and if Muslims are not done away with as Kashmiris and Palestinians have been facing now. .

With a view to retaining Jammu Kashmir under its custody by perpetually killing the innocent Kashmiris and keep its own Muslims feel insecure and always vulnerable, India does discourage any positive ties with Pakistan. World should rise up against such state sponsored maneuvers against humanity with intermittent terrorisms. UN and UNSC should declare India a terrorist state for its genocides in Kashmir and Indian states and warn them of military interventions if it continues with its dirty horrible terror tactics to mutilate the already hapless Muslims currently under endless duress, oppression, tension.


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  2. Pakistan hiding the facts that the terorist is of there nationality and there orgin.We are a country of 70%Hindus with PM a minority religion former president from a minority religion.I am an Indian first(Hindu) I love Indian Muslims and most of our citizen love there nation than religion>mousque had been demolished by A political Party people in south of India Muslims also reported demolishing temples from the era of tippu(A former King) to now all the prepotetors who demolished Mousque had benn brought to justice how many minorities in muslims hold key post is nation?how many minories become captian of sports in ur national team?How many Cristians,Hindus has been decline in the previous many church and temples are there in pakistan?India is a safe place than Pakistan in all sense.

  3. Pakistan hiding the facts that the terorist is of there nationality and there orgin.We are a country of 70%Hindus with PM a minority religion former president from a minority religion.I am an Indian first(Hindu) I love Indian Muslims and most of our citizen love there nation than religion>mousque had been demolished by A political Party people in south of India Muslims also reported demolishing temples from the era of tippu(A former King) to now all the prepotetors who demolished Mousque had been brought to justice how many minorities in muslims hold key post in there nation?how many minories become captian of sports in ur national team?How many Cristians,Hindus has been decline in the previous many church and temples are there in pakistan?India is a safe place than Pakistan in all sense.


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