Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Indian premier Manmohan hopitalized(AIIMS)-ed

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

26 January 2009


The Prime minister of India

New Delhi

(or AIIMS Delhi)

Dear Manmohanji: I have written about my problem with cielf, GOI, and sought your intervention to get my VRS and other benefits released by applying the levers at your command. I worked there after serving some other universities, including JNU and they troubled me and made me sick to eventually seek VRS and I did for my own sake. . As a true Indian you never cared to reply or acknowledge the receipt. Your sudden hospitalization now has raised some doubts about your ability to pursue my legitimate claims in centrally controlled notorious institute ciefI, GOI, Hyderabad. I sent several letters asking the ciefl to settle my dues at the earliest, pending for nearly 8 years now. I wrote to you too many letters. and was under the impression that you as a former teacher would get my grievances readdressed, but till date I did not get even an acknowledgement. Of course I appealed to other PMs also before you as well as the presidents but as a Muslim in India I am only terroirzed by the politico-lumpen elements of all denominations, including lefts and congress. Since I am not a hindu my appeal does not receive any attention in PMO and other offices in Hindustan. It is unfortunate for a "democracy" that Muslims are harassed like this. India has to change its hatred mindset towards Muslims, when it is happy to court the Arab nations.

Though I am not a Sikh, I thought you being a minority person you would get me relief and money from ciefl. I was in fact expecting you to stop funding the notorious CIEFL until they pay me the dues and VRS benefits, so that many guys there would be admitted in big hospitals with attacks in and around Hyderabad, but now you got yourself admitted n AIIMS incurring some more state cash. What national mischief on me by you. I appeal to Pl instruct PMO to stop funding of ciefl right now, GOI, until they release my amount and benefits,

I understand you care only about the capitalist enterprises and use even the communists to pursue your interests. As the premier of a nation you have a primary responsibility of protecting the genuine and legitimate interests of citizens, more so with regard to Muslims as major minority of India. I seek the amount which due for me form GOI as a former employee of one of your wrenched institutes. The institute fellows agreed to pay the VRS and other benefits in the presence of witness in writing. Kindly instruct the PMO offices to stop financing the notorious ciefl now. Hope, India would still respect its commitment to me. Indian government and ciefl fellows cannot escape my curses pl note.

As a former member of ciefl Board and Society and Academic Council, I request you to kindly close down the ciefl for nation's sake and convert it into a poultry or pig farm. But right now kindly do something about my retirement benefits.

I do hope now you would take the issue seriously just as you have taken your artery problem and try to settle my dues at the earliest. The usual criminal silence maintained by ciefl and GOI in New Delhi is not good for me as a Muslim in uncivilized Hindustan.

Thank you, prime-minister, in advance


Dr. Abdul Ruff


Dear Manmohan sahb, pl don’t delay my cash

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