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Holocaust in Palestine: Israeli tactics


Latest cluster weapon system of Israel.

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The global operations by the Pentagon-CIA-Mossad combine have left the entire world terrorized. USA insists that Israel has a right to defend itself, but does not think Palestinians also have the same right to defend themselves from a fascist Israel killing them in frenzy in Palestine and they should be protected or provided with necessary defense equipment to successfully face and drive away the expansionist terrorists. This US policy has emboldened the barbaric Israel to invade Gaza now again.

Israel stops a war only when it wants. UN and UNSC is least bothered about the Palestinians being brutally murdered by Israel. A large majority of the dead are civilians. USA promotes Jewish terrorism in Palestine and wants Israel to kill the remaining Palestinians as well quickly before Bush departs. President-elect Barack Obama keeps his silence intact and US senators and representatives who obediently parrot American Israel Public Affairs Committee's lines, forgiving the occupier and blaming the occupied, as a terror strategy.

Fascist Israel knows the shameless Islamic world as well as the terrorist anti-Islamic world quite well. Despite world outcry over the carnage and damage to media and UN aid facilities, Israel has vowed to fight on until Palestinians become slaves but says rocket salvoes should stop and measures are imposed to stop the Palestinians from defending themselves from US-Israeli attacks and bringing in arms via tunnels from Egypt.

After proving to the world a crucial point that no Muslim nation would come out to shield another Muslim nation if an enemy invades and attacks it on any pretext, Israel now says it  might ends the hostilities one day soon. As if he were a gate keeper of Israel and not protector of weak nations under fascist occupation and genocides, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said the Israeli government was due to make an important decision on a ceasefire but that it might take "a few more days". Now the global democratic world stands fully exposed threadbare, but, pathetically it is of no consequences for the Islamic world.

Trying to prove to be a neo-fascist state, Israel does not spare even Mosques schools and UN establishments. Badly shaken by the turn of terror events and pathetic gestures of Arab world, Hamas has offered a year-long, renewable truce under which the Jewish state would withdraw its troops within a week and all Gaza's border crossings would open immediately. But Israel is in no mood to end holocaust program immediately. One does not know the details of bulk military orders it has so far received from the prospective terror state customers world wide for the new weapons systems.


The Zionist Israel ever since their invasion of Gaza has being killing some key Hamas leaders to silence the movement leadership. In what may be the final push against Hamas, Israeli troops pushed deep into central Gaza on15 Jan, killing Interior Minister Said Siam, a key figure in Hamas who oversaw thousands of security agents. However still refusing to fix a “final date” for end hostilities, Tel Aviv cuts jokes mocking the Islamic world and UN. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's spokesman Mark Regev said its three-week-old offensive in the Gaza Strip could be entering its "final act". "Hopefully.” and added: "there may be a full security cabinet meeting and decisions will stem from that."  Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and the premier hopeful left for talks in Washington five days before Barack Obama was due to be inaugurated as US president. Many West Asian “experts” see a deadline for the offensive with the departure of the Bush administration, after which Israel may be reluctant to test the support of the new leadership.

The Israeli offensive on the coastal enclave has killed some 1,105 Palestinians on record (but the number could be in several thousands) and wounded more than that but the Gaza Health Ministry said officially over 5,100. A Palestinian human rights group put the civilian death toll at around 700. Israel wants to cripple the Hamas in every respect and make them slaves to surrender before the Fascist Jews and is working to secure foreign guarantees that arms smuggling to Hamas militants will end under any deal to call off its three-week-old offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Badly shaken by the turn of terror events and pathetic gestures of Arab world, Hamas has offered a year-long, renewable truce under which the Jewish state would withdraw its troops within a week and all Gazan's border crossings would open immediately.

Gaza is an immense concentration camp -- 1.5 million people squeezed into 140 square miles hemmed in on all sides by 25-foot-high walls separated by a vast expanse of bulldozed earth. The 2005 "pull-out" left Gaza still controlled by Israel from air and sea, its entries and exits, prisonlike mazes electronically controlled and under constant surveillance. Bombing it, assaulting it with tanks and Uzis, is like shooting animals in a pen.

Operation Cast Lead is one of the Great War crimes of our era. The Israel of Operation Cast Lead is still the Israel of Plan Dalet, under which 750,000 Arabs were expelled from Palestine in 1948. It is the Israel of massacres under Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir on April, 9, 1948, at Deir Yassin; of the Phalangist massacre of 1,500 Palestinians in the Beirut refugee camps Sabra and Shatila, overseen by Defense Minister Ariel Sharon. 60-year-long legacy rages on in Gaza under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to the applause of a vengeful Israeli public. One Israeli official promised a holocaust in Gaza .

There have been eight military assaults on Gaza since 2004; blockades started in 2005, and then a siege of medieval proportions in 2006, punishment for Gazans having elected the wrong party for Israel and its U.S. patron. By December 2008, Richard Falk, special reporter on the Occupied Territories for the United Nations, reported an overall Gaza malnutrition rate of 75 percent, a childhood anaemia rate of 46 percent and a devastated infrastructure. This latest war -- called Operation Cast Lead -- is the "holocaust" promised by Israel. Since Dec. 27, Israel has bombed Gaza’s government buildings, universities, mosques, schools, medical clinics. The Times of London, Human Rights Watch and B'tselem all report the illegal use of white phosphorous to strike civilians. When white phosphorous adheres to flesh, its flames continue to burn for five to 10 minutes, often penetrating to the bone. Israel is also using a new weapon called dense inert metal explosive. It was developed by the United States to create lethal, powerful blasts within small areas. DIME inflicts wounds never before seen by surgeons in Gaza.

Israel trapped hundreds of civilians inside a school as if in a box, including many children, and then crushed them with all the might of its bombs. What were the world's reactions? A Palestinian said: “We would have been better off as animals rather than Palestinians. We would have been more protected."


Imperialism, colonialism and fascism have caused terrorism and this is the crucial issue causing serious problems for global Muslims and Islamic world of nations at large. Muslims and Islamic nations willingly lay into the dirty hands of the anti--Islamic forces for pursuing some narrow or personal interests but harming the overall interests of the Muslim world. Whether they are in Jammu Kashmir, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives or Malaysia or petro-dollared Arab world, the Muslims are more interested in wealth than Islam or collective fellow Muslims and Islamic world. This has resulted in anti-Islamic forces occupying Muslim nations on some fictitious pretexts. Anti-Islamic forces could be Christians, Jews, Hindus and other races or even Muslims themselves. Not only they occupy Muslim nations, but also are engaged in perpetual killing as the UN and other world bodies fuel the process by watching the shows with great enthusiasm and pleasure.

Israel invasion is a part of USA global terror agenda. India is keen to enter the partnership zone of global terrorists. USA is pursing its nefarious designs in South Asia after collapsing Afghanistan’s Islamic rule. Less than two months after a series of terrorist attacks on the people of India, senior officials from the U.S. Army, Pacific, joined by the Marine Forces Pacific and Special Operations Command, Pacific, met with members of the Indian army for the 13th annual Indian Executive Steering Group to coordinate training engagements between the ground forces of the two countries. “Since 1995, we have met annually to enhance our relationship and we have made significant progress over the last many years,” said Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, commander, U.S. Army, Pacific. “India is the world's largest democracy and a very close ally to the U.S," said H. Ali Mohammed, U.S. Dept. of the Army Headquarters international affairs interoperability analyst and ESG attendee. So Muslims are working against Islam and Muslim interests.  But now Bangladesh with a Bengali Indian Ambassador guiding its policies also trying to fall in line to pursue anti-Islamic polices to join, eventually, the US-led cartel of anti-Islamism.

The world may browbeat, the UN may interfere, the US may keep quiet forever, the Arab world may seethe in anger, and Israel is unfazed. The pounding at the Gaza Strip continues, taking the toll to over 1000.  The advanced countries create and abet tensions every where and sell their weapons and technology the third world countries fall into their dirty traps. India strategists want to siphon off some resources for their friends as dealers for commissions. Already India spends huge sums on terror  equipment and is using the Nov26 event to further help its friends to make more cash, as USA as its global terror policy wants to sell its second rate equipment to India on sea terror pretext.  The Indian and US armies are planning a new series of joint exercises, a set of which will draw on lessons in urban warfare in the wake of the November attack by terrorists in Mumbai. India last month decided to place an order for eight Boeing-made P8i maritime surveillance aircraft for the navy. Earlier in 2008, India contracted six C-130J Hercules transport aircraft for its special forces for $962 million (Rs 4,646 crore).

On January 9th the U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 34 in support of the Zionist Terrorist Massacre in Gaza, a loss of life for Palestine proportionate to one thousand 9-11 attacks on America! The resolution recently passed by the House of Representatives (HRES 34 EH) with only 5 dissenting votes, to know who rules America. It condemns Hamas and the people of Gaza as terrorists but has no mention of the decades long Israeli occupation and strangulation of the West Bank and Gaza, or the bloody terrorism of tens of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children who have been killed, maimed, tortured or made homeless by years of Israel’s terrorism.

The very recent human casualties of over 850 dead and over 4500 maimed from Israel’s recent terror bombings of the 1.5 million people of Gaza would by their population percentage be equivalent to 175,000 murdered and 900,000 maimed Americans, more than one million American casualties. The percentage of Palestinian victims of Zionist terrorism over the past two weeks is proportionately one thousand times greater than the loss that Americans suffered in the 9-11 attacks!

The Jewish control of the United States Government and the mass media can be in clearly seen the exact wording of the resolution: In three places this short resolution endorses the survival of the State of Israel as a Jewish State with secure borders. That’s a “JEWISH STATE,” not a multicultural or multi-religious state but a state exclusively dedicated to Jews. The controlled media had not a word in criticism of the resolution supporting Israel as an ethnic and religious state exclusively dedicated to Jews!

The resolution is the clear proof of Jewish supremacy over the U.S. government. One could not even imagine the U.S. Congress or the mass media tolerating a resolution which called for the control immigration and secure American borders so as to preserve an overwhelmingly White and Christian America.


Although Israel withdrew its settlers and soldiers from Gaza in 2005, it continues to tightly regulate Gaza’s coast, airspace and borders. Thus, Israel remains an occupying power with a legal duty to protect Gaza’s civilian population. But Israel’s 18-month siege of the Gaza Strip preceding the current crisis violated this obligation egregiously. It brought economic activity to a near standstill, left children hungry and malnourished, and denied Palestinian students opportunities to study abroad.

But Israel terrorizes the Palestinians with regular genocides. Deliberate attacks on civilians that lack strict military necessity are war crimes. Israel’s current violations of international law extend a long pattern of abuse of the rights of Gaza Palestinians. Eighty percent of Gaza 's 1.5 million residents are Palestinian refugees who were forced from their homes or fled in fear of Jewish terrorist attacks in 1948. For 60 years, Israel has denied the internationally recognized rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes -- because they are not Jews. In 2002 Israeli forces killed about 2,700 Palestinians in Gaza by targeted killings, aerial bombings, in raids, etc., according to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem. In spite of a six-month truce on June 19, 2008 by Hamas and Israel, Israel refused to substantially ease the suffocating siege of Gaza imposed in June 2007,  making life of Palestinians more miserable. Israel 's current assault on the Gaza Strip cannot be justified by self-defense. Rather, it involves serious violations of international law, including war crimes.

According to an official of the Egyptian government, Iran has warned Hamas not to accept Egypt’s proposal for a cease fire with Israel. Two Iranian emissaries "threatened to stop weapons supplies and funding to the Palestinian factions if they agreed to a cease-fire with Israel," the Egyptian official told the Jerusalem Post. It is in Egypt’s interest to discredit Hamas by depicting it as a tool of Iran and claiming that this relationship is preventing an end to the bloodshed and destruction in Gaza. In doing so, Egypt also seeks to discredit Iran which, it points out, "never fired one bullet at Israel” but is "trying to appear as if it is participating in the war against Israel." But just because the report is self-serving doesn't mean it is false. In fact, the report is quite plausible. Having invested in Hamas, Iran probably does not want the fighting to end without Hamas having produced more of return. To that extent, Iran’s perceived interests may align with Israel’s. For Israel probably does not want the fighting to end until the value of Iran 's investment plummets further.


Even while the Arabs and Muslim world are seen playing fiddle when Palestinians are being killed by Fascist Israel after invading its neighboring Palestine, it is a non-Muslim nation, Venezuela which dared to take disciplinary action against the expansionist Israel and its blood thirst in Palestine.  Demonstrators hold up placards in front of the Israeli embassy in Caracas, December 29, 2008, during a protest against Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The placards (from L-R) read: "Stop the genocide against Palestine "; "Israel: Assassins of the world" and "It is enough! We are fed up with this injustice!” After the falloff Afghanistan and Iraq, every nation of Muslims, as expected by US-Israel combine, does not oppose them significantly. Perhaps they don’t know they are cowards, and not Muslim nations.

Hats off to the Venezuelan governement!. Venezuela announced that it "has decided to expel the Israeli ambassador and part of the Israeli Embassy's personnel."

The Israeli offensive in Gaza has killed nearly 600 Palestinians in ground and air strikes. Israel launched the attacks Dec. 27. "How far will this barbarism go?" Chavez asked on state television before the ambassador's expulsion was announced. "The president of Israel should be taken before an international court together with the president of the United States, if the world had any conscience." Venezuela 's Foreign Ministry said its U.N. mission is joining with other countries in demanding the Security Council "apply urgent and necessary measures to stop this invasion." While many countries have protested Israel’s offensive, none besides Venezuela so far have expelled the ambassador.

Mauritania, which established relations with Israel in 1999, called home its ambassador from the Jewish state. Jordan and Egypt, the other two Arab nations with relations with Israel, summoned their Israeli ambassadors to protest the Gaza attacks, but they have resisted popular calls to expel them. Chavez has long been critical of the Israeli government's policies in the Middle East and has supported the Palestinians' stance in the conflict. During Israel’s 2006 conflict in Lebanon, Chavez withdrew his top envoy from Israel, calling the bombings there "a new Holocaust." Relations have remained at a scaled-back level since. Chavez accuses Israel of acting on behalf of the United States in the Mideast, and he has forged close ties with Israel’s top enemies - Iran and Syria. Chavez's condemnations of Israel’s offensive in Gaza have grown gradually more severe in recent days. On Monday he called the Jewish state a "genocidal government," and on Tuesday urged Jews in Venezuela to take a stand against the Israeli government.

In Argentina, which has the third-largest Jewish population outside Israel, hundreds of people marched to the Israeli Embassy to call for an end to the offensive. Brazil's government, like Venezuela, has said it is sending food and medical aid to the Gaza Strip. And in Bolivia, about a hundred Palestinians and Arabs marched to protest the violence.

USA, Israel and India are the so-called largest “democracies” of the universe today ready to export it globally especially to Mideast. Look at their credentials now ? USA has militarized Afghanistan and Iraq for years now on fictitious pretexts and killing innocent Muslims in these countries.; Israel has illegally occupied Palestine, and kills them regularly, also secures land of Lebanon and Syria; India has very tactfully, rather "democratically", annexed its neighbor Kashmir in 1947 and has killed lakhs of innocent Muslims in Kashmir and using the "Kashmir terrorism" cause to torture Muslims in India denying them their legitimate rights.


Israel as a strategic partner of the USA , the global terrorist nation, is helping the USA in establishing a new Middle East according to Western concepts. US polices are influenced and even shaped by Israeli strategists over years. One of the foundations of the New Mideast theory is to kill as many Muslims in Arab world as it is feasible at a given time under some pretext. USA supports and aids Israeli fascism and lrsfrtd og both terror states should be tried in spcially constituted tribunals.

Not only it strikes on innocnet and defenseless Palestinians, the Hamas people, but Israel also stops any possible outside help for Palestinians.Hamas is at a disadvantageous position to retaliate against the Israeli armed attacks or terror invasions. These uneven postures make the Palestinians suffer too much. The petro-dollar loving Arabs are also enjoying the killing of their fellow Muslims both Arabs and non-Arabs.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that camel meat or beaf is not good for human brain. But it is shocking that none of the Muslim nations, leave alone poor Arab nations, has so far asked the Israeli envoys to quit these countries. And, none of the Arab nations that have forged diplomatic ties with Israel has broken that, or at least temporarily withdrawn as the usual practice of any country that an enemy has done damage to their common cause of collective goals. It is by now certain the anti-Islamic fascists are enjoying their terror attacks, genocides and expansionism beyond any usual description.

US-led democrats are killing Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, while expansionist Jewish state has invaded Palestine and repeat what the USA has been telling about the need to stay on in the countries under their brute occupation: “A lot of work remains to be done in Palestine". It seems Olmert called a Saturday night security cabinet session to decide on a ceasefire, which could come less than 72 hours before the inauguration of Barack Obama as US president.

First, what exactly is democracy, is it just holding regular elections in a so-called 'free and fair' manner when the outcome is almost predetermined by the national-cum-international network that effectively controls the governments?

Finally what is democracy? Invasions of alien nations and militarize them killing the inhabitants, making rules for them? Is democracy a perfect tool to fool the world and for revenge alone"? Is democracy a forum to help a few advance their private goals? Is it not for people's welfare?

With the innocently silent UN and UNSC over the Palestinian holocaust in Palestine unleashed by a fascist Israel and silence of the Arab and Muslim world watching the Israeli terrorism like live film shows, general Muslims have no need to worry too much about the pre-panned massacre in Palestine and  are advised to watch some Hollywood or bollywood films especially on non-state terrorism actions.

US always influences and controls the global foreign policies and so much so many countries check their foreign policy course at a given time with that of USA and make necessary concurrent changes. It is funny to watch some of Muslims across the globe trying to “influence” the White House decision as Obama is getting ready to take over reign from President Bush. They are very particular not to anger the new incumbent with their critical comments on his possible regime in the USA  in advancing US global interests. US policies are made in accordance with Israeli interests in Mideast and many Jews are involved in formulating the US foreign policy. Obama’s team includes some of the Jewish hawkish too. It is awful to see several Muslims making strenuous efforts to appease the imperialist USA . Is US capable of reform?

However, I am happy I could influence some parts of the world in depicting the state terrorism and the very terrorism planks of imperialist and slowly several articles are pouring in to denounce state terrorism and agaisnt the process of terrorization of innocent world Muslims. Even _expressions like 'US-led terror wars" and fascism are now in vogue to the discomfort of the imperialist anti-Islamic nations and their mischeavous media

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