Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israeli Fascists kill Palestinians, Arabs silent- why?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The global media no more sincerely condemn the Israeli terrorism in Gaza; rather they promote the tragic invasion and genocides. They even ask the world not to call fascist Israel a rogue state or terrorist. Does the world have any other choice than falling in US-line?


The current Israeli terrorism in Gaza has revealed yet another probable truth about global agenda of anti-Islamic forces with possible tacit understand with some Arab nations. Fascists and colonialists don’t require any inspirations from any where, but any unjust war could encourage them to invade their pre-planned targets. Israel has done it now inspired by the scene in Sri Lanka, .probably on US advise to thrash the occupying Indians demanding a separate nation.

In mosques of India, another fascist nation, the priests condemn the Israeli madness in Palestine but also, as asked by Indian government agents, they describe the Palestinians as bad guys.

The U.N. estimates two-thirds of Gaza's 1.4 million people now lack electricity, and half don't have running water. But Israelis are fascist terrorist rouges having carved out a state for themselves out of the lands annexed from the Palestinians.

It is always Israel that invades Palestine and pounds the territories, annexes new areas from them, kill them and with USA and Arabs help coerce the Palestinians for a unstable truce which it violates by terror attacking Palestine again.

Hamas fires some shots aimlessly and their attempts are futile. Bur Israelis fire effectively and kill the innocent civilians. The Arabs have proved themselves to be sympathizers’ of US-Israel-India fascist-cum-terrorists. They hatched a secret plan to thrown the Islamic Afghanistan.


Osama takes over US presidency shortly from now and US neocons are keen he must begin by facing war situations in Islamic world.

Israel holds elections in one month, and its ruling party Kadima wants to outsmart Likud opponents in the polls and would like to prolong the terror war for some more time until the opinion poll support the Kadima regime and the ratings of main opposition the Likud come down significantly. The trend has just started on hollow emotionalism being whipped up by Israeli and global media. The Israel is keen to show a "victory" in Palestine and Arabs seem to have agreed with Zionism terror strategies. Jewish leaders know staunch support for the military campaign could dwindle if the forces take heavy casualties. They don’t want to see any black marks on Israeli’s torn-up progress card. Hence Palestinians are butchered.


Ruling Hamas and Abbas's Fatah party, which dominates the West Bank, are fierce political rivals. Israeli-US rogues split them further with this war.

None seems to be serious about stopping the Israeli terror war against Muslims. USA which kills Muslims in Islamic world, promotes the war and genocide to reduce global Muslim population. Israel there fore continues with rampage. Struggling to keep peace efforts alive, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Abbas urged Israel and Hamas to agree to a truce. Hamas officials from both Gaza and Syria are also in Cairo for separate talks with Egyptian officials on a truce. Israeli fascists are not serious about any real truce that would end hostilities.

After meeting Mubarak, Abbas warned there was no time to waste in ending the bloodshed in Gaza. "If any party does not accept it (the truce), regrettably it will be the one bearing the responsibility. And if Israel doesn't want to accept, it will take the responsibility of perpetuating a waterfall of blood," Abbas said. But Israel does not care for his words or Palestinian swords because of US support.

U.S. President George W. Bush spoke by telephone to President Abdullah Gul of Turkey, which is involved in Mideast peace efforts, about the situation in Gaza. President Bush emphasized the importance of bringing an end to rocket fire against Israel and preventing arms smuggling into Gaza as the basis for a durable cease-fire. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, on a peace mission to the region, visited the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt and saw a fireball from a large detonation in Gaza. He felt the pressure from the blast, which caused windows to rattle. "We are standing here while the fighting is still on back there," said Steinmeier, who later traveled to Israel. "It is right and correct to be concerned about the injured and the dead, but the European foreign ministers must do more so that words can be turned into deeds."


Now it seems it is for the Jewish fascist state to decide when to stop the killings. For the second straight day, fighting continued even during the lull. The Israeli military “so kindly” announced a three-hour halt to operations in Gaza on 10 Jan Saturday to let medics use the lull to rescue casualties and aid groups to rush through food distribution. But aid groups say it isn't enough time to do their work. Also on Saturday, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in European cities and Lebanon, shouting protests against the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Israel does not bother about that at all.


Other wise, the world, other than the powerful ones led by the USA and UNSC, has no knowledge of what exactly is happening in Gaza where the Jews are determinedly killing innocent Palestinians while the Islamic world, especially the “close” Arab nations, is unable to come to the rescue of the suffering Palestinians and kick ht Israeli Fascists out of Palestine. If the hidden agenda of US-Israel terrorism in Palestine is unclear, the measured silence of the Arabs is even more tragic.

USA has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq on fabricated pretexts to suit its global hegemonic designs. And the Islamic world is still unable to understand the logic if the all powerful USA could be bullied so effectively with “plane terrorism” by an individual by name Osama and Saudis say he is a terrorist. None knows how Osama “managed” all in the broad day light seen by powerful American remote systems and where did he disappear along with WMD; except that he used to release soft ware remarks intermittently..

But, however, the Islamic world, refusing to introduce Islamic law in true spirits as that would harm their private interests, the Arabs inclusive, offer the US-led terror rogues support.

Does that mean the entire world is of rogues, terrorists, fascists and their supporters only?

Then, do the Muslim nations actually believe in Islam and Allah?

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