Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama in Jewish America: Israeli Terror War & Cold Rhetoric

By Dr. Abdul Ruff
A crude Arabian joke

{Hamas: " There are only about 3000 plus dead bodies around here, you know.

It is our victory and Israel has been badly defeated".

Arab world: Oh, my freinds, please stop killing there; come here and we will give you chochlates, good boys, come on..."

Israel: " We don't want to stay on in Gaza, but will stay on"

UN & UNSC: "There is much ado about nothing...Israel has the right to test its latest cluster bombs in Palestine. Islamic world should behave well hereafter, Osama will not come to rescue them, well, he is our man on special duty" }


It seems the Jewish terror war in Palestine is partly over and Israel must be charting out it future strategies as per the rules of fascism. It may not be very clear who actually won this conflict, if such a concept means anything in Gaza, but it's pretty clear who lost and that was the civilian population of Gaza. Sources say about 3000 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians and nearly a third of them children, and 5,500 injured during the conflict. 4,100 homes were totally destroyed and 17,000 others damaged during the conflict. About 1,500 factories and workshops, 20 mosques, 31 security installations and 10 water or sewage pipes were also damaged A total of 50 UN facilities and 21 medical facilities were damaged, apart from deaths of thousands of defenseless Palestinians, schools, medical care units, mosques. When asked to estimate the costs, Holmes said he could not give exact figures until UN teams in Gaza had completed their assessments, but the likely figure was hundreds of millions, and the overall reconstruction costs would run into billions. The bureau estimated that the overall physical damage so far amounted to about $1.9bn (£1.4bn), including about $200m (£140m) of damage to infrastructure.

Ceasefires declared by Palestinian militant groups and Israel are holding, and Israeli troops are expected to complete their pull-out later. Rebuilding the Gaza Strip after Israel's three-week offensive will cost billions of dollars, the UN has warned. At a news conference in New York, UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes said hundreds of millions of dollars of aid would be needed immediately to help Gaza's 1.4 million people in the aftermath of the offensive, which ended on 17 Jan Saturday. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been left homeless and 400,000 people still have no running water. 100,000 people had been displaced some neighborhoods had been almost totally destroyed and many homes reduced to rubble. Sewage was flowing in the streets, there were huge medical and food needs, and unexploded ordnance was posing a big problem.

The weapons used by the Israeli military had caused "horrific" injuries to children. "These are not scratches or bullet wounds; these are kids who are hit by shrapnel in most instances. Israel called a ceasefire on Saturday, saying it had met its war aims. Palestinians are meanwhile continuing to search through the rubble of their homes to try to find the bodies of those killed in the conflict. Many are angry and feel that the world did not do enough when it mattered to stop the violence.

Islamic/Arab World: A Sinking ship?

Arab nations, including the African Egypt, responsible for aggravating the Israeli fascism in Gaza by keeping almost silent without supporting the Hamas government with the needy equipment and aids, now play blame politics and conveniently placed the whole blame on Hamas. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Hamas had invited the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip by refusing to extend a truce that expired in December. Mubarak warned that regional powers were trying to exploit Arab differences and reiterated that a peaceful settlement remained the only option. "It should be taken seriously by Israel and international big powers... Middle East peace is an urgent necessity," he said.

Already the anti-Islamic world has done enough damage to Islam and Muslims the world over. Intermittent wars being engaged in by Israel have harmed the economic and socio-political interests of Arab world.

Arab world has taken the Israeli genocides in Gaza not as a case of historical fascism, but as a routine and unimportant matter of invasion and destruction by an enemy in the neighborhood and that could be resolved by taking enough cash from Israel for the number of Muslim dead bodies as per their records. Egypt and Saudi Arabia shunned a summit hosted by Qatar last week which called for freezing ties with Israel. Syria pronounced the 2002 Arab peace initiative as dead. Cairo has face particularly angry criticism that it co-operates with Israel's blockade of Gaza.

The Saudi king, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz said his country would donate $1bn to finance reconstruction in the heavily-bombed Gaza Strip. The sum is about half of what Arab officials have said they hope to raise. "I call on you in the name of God... that we rise above our difference and defeat the expectations of our enemies and we take an honorable stand," King Abdullah said at the opening session.

Arabs already talking in terms of “reconciliation efforts”, May be on the promises made by USA-Israeli combine about the possible compensations to Palestine. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas - whose Fatah faction was ousted by Hamas from control of Gaza in 2007 - called for immediate reconciliation talks. "What is required today... is to form a national unity government which will then conduct presidential and legislative elections simultaneously," he said.

Arab divisions over the Gaza crisis have re-emerged at a summit in Kuwait. The two-day summit had been billed as a chance for Arab leaders to sidestep political divisions and focus on economic matters. Subjects for discussion included a pan-Arab common market and customs union, and ambitious joint infrastructure projects. Correspondents say several pro-Western Arab leaders have faced strong criticism from their citizens, outraged both by Israel's attacks on Gaza and their governments' inability to end the violence.

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa told Arab leaders it was time for the body he chairs to demonstrate it had a role. "The Arab ship is really sinking and Kuwait's summit... might save it," Moussa said. There had been misunderstandings in Doha and expressed the hope "we can put our hands together... to strengthen the Arab position". Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Arab leaders should adopt a resolution declaring Israel a terrorist entity, and support Palestinian resistance. Assad said: "We should show our clear support for the Palestinian resistance. I suggest this summit officially call the Zionist entity a terrorist entity."

Reports say the Saudi king hosted a lunch for five other leaders on the summit sidelines to try to heal rifts. They included the Qatari and Syrian leaders, among the sternest Arab critics of Israel's military campaign, and Egypt and Jordan, who have long-standing alliances with Israel. Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jasim al-Thani said the Saudi lunch achieved its goals towards reconciliation, but gave no further details.

A Word: Islam back to Slavery?

Arab nations in the Islamic world also promotes pessimism and slavery trends among the Muslims and that is a disturbing phenomenon because that would lead to onset of colonialism and imperialism by the anti-Islamic nations that are waiting in wings to pounce upon the Muslims and Muslim nations. Since Muslim rulers promote corruption and other evil practices like nepotism, the anti-Islamic forces have a hold in these countries. Muslim nations slowly lose their ability and capability to protest and stop aggression and other devastating misadventures by enemies of Islam.

Individual Israel is more unpredictable than USA & Co. Knowing well the divided Islamic world and only possible insignificant outcome of the invasions and holocaust drives, Israel launched its attack on Gaza on 27 December after a six-month ceasefire with the Hamas movement lapsed. Islamic world should rise up now to defend Islam and Muslim nations without letting the anti-Islamic nations to invade other Islamic nations and make them vacate the Muslim lands now they occupy.

Israel and Hamas have each declared ceasefire separately, but it remains very shaky. The UN secretary general is due to visit Gaza on 20 Jan Tuesday to inspect the damage and see what assistance can be given. However, going by the past experience with UN and USA, nothing tangible would emerge out of his visit to Gaza and USA would slam the defenseless Palestinians for what Israel has been doing there. Israel has stopped the holocaust only for the time being and would resort to fascist killings in due course.

It is high time the Islamic worlds withdrew the recognition of Israel as a sovereign nation in the Mideast and recalled their envoys from Tel Aviv while expelling the Israeli envoys as an interim punishment for Israeli collective holocaust in Palestine. It is shameful that not even the Arab nations have done this so far in protest against Israeli holocaust in Palestine. It could mean the Arab nations were informed about the Israeli holocaust and destructions before hand and were asked not to interfere in the “internal affairs of Israel, which stays on in Palestinian lands. Iranian leader has criticized the Saudi rulers for their silence over the ghastly devastations in Gaza.

The holocaust in Palestine clearly reveals the hidden agenda of Israel and other supporting nations of the West and Eat, including India, against Muslims in their vicinities. The latest Israeli aggression and the resultant holocaust vindicate the position of the Arabs about the hidden agenda of the enemies of Islam in Mideast, but the inconsequential role being played by UN and mischief monged by UNSC are the deadliest issues to be taken very seriously by Islamic and Arab world. US-led terror war forces are already in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the anti-Islamic global media fuel their aggression and genocides. The West would stand by their state terrorism.

The present attitude of Islamic world: “Let us see what more Israel and USA can do in Islamic world” would be disastrous. Later, it would be too late.


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